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Vice-Chancellor’s Open Staff Meetings November 2006.

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1 Vice-Chancellor’s Open Staff Meetings November 2006

2 The University of Wolverhampton Mission Statement The University of Wolverhampton is a learning community promoting excellence, innovation and creativity. It is committed to being:  An agent for social inclusion and social change  An arena for the development of ideas and critical thinking  A strategic force driving educational and cultural strategy for the City and the region  An educational hub supporting the economy through employment, entrepreneurship, creativity, knowledge transfer, research and development

3 The University in 2012 By 2012, the University will have a national reputation for:  Its contribution to education, social, economic and cultural regeneration  Creative and highly employable graduates, as a result of its innovative approach to curriculum development, technology supported learning and learner support  Its role in supporting the emergence and development of new professions, especially in the public sector

4  Research and knowledge transfer which has responded to the needs of employers  A cutting edge portfolio of courses  High quality teaching and student support, underpinned by research on curriculum and pedagogy

5 The University Community  The University will have a strong presence of regional students, with significant and stable levels of national and international recruitment that give breadth to the learning community  The University will be recognised as a good employer  Students and staff will regard the University as an outward looking, inclusive community committed to excellence and to transforming lives

6 Undergraduate Provision  The majority of undergraduate courses will lead to a professional qualification or a licence to practice  More courses will cross subject/discipline boundaries

7  The University will have developed an easily accessible portfolio delivered in a range of flexible ways, supported by a dedicated University-wide facility  An increased proportion of CPD will be provided on a bespoke basis for employers  Integrated postgraduate provision will be offered for many professions, with more students studying at higher levels, including professional doctorates Postgraduate and Post-Experience Provision

8 FE and Employer Links  The University will be a partner in joint FE/HE provision and facilities, with shared links to incubation and work placements  The University will be the provider of choice for training to support education, children’s services and social care in the region

9  The University will have helped to raise regional progression to HE to national average levels  The University will be the first port of call for SMEs for research and development, and CPD  The University will be an active participant in the development of the wider West Midlands/ ’Birmingham City Region’ (in whatever form it takes) Regional

10 International  Delivery of courses to international students will have responded to the changing needs of their home countries, with the development of trans-national delivery and a range of progression arrangements  Broader partnerships, including staff and student exchange, and collaborative applied research, will have been developed with a small number of partners

11  A good performance in the 2008 RAE will have enhanced the University’s reputation, and led to research links with regional agencies and the Health Service  The University will be a leading provider of knowledge, advice and training for local and regional employers and agencies Research and Knowledge Transfer

12 School UK/EU (HEFCE, NHS, TDA)International 2005 200620052006 SAD 158814329673 HLSS 24402468129103 UWBS 19041865276219 SLS 12901246131142 SAS 16421638154 SCIT 12261179155150 SEBE 12311277271230 SED 262824645638 SSPAL 123813286772 SoH 220419996476 Total 173911689613991257 How Many Students Have We Got This Year? (Headcount at the end of Teaching Week 6)

13 Key Points on 2006/07 Student Numbers  Admission to courses with ‘top-up fees’ down by about 5% (probably in line with national position) – back to 2004 level  Admissions to UG courses with lower fees remain level  Part-time numbers relatively unchanged  International numbers down by about 150  Semester Two recruitment will be important

14 National Student Survey Results 20052006 Score3.8 TeachingPosition112=/128112=/129 AssessmentScore3.6 and feedbackPosition32=/12839=/129 AcademicScore3.6 supportPosition95=/128107=/129 OrganisationScore3.5 Position92=/12888=/129 LearningScore3.94.1 resourcesPosition61=/12822=/129 PersonalScore4.03.9 developmentPosition36=/12894=/129 “Overall”Score3.83.7 satisfactionPosition98=/128114=/129


16 Teacher Training Profiles 2006 (Smithers & Robinson) show Wolverhampton rising 15 places from last year to 24 th overall (out of 73 providers). We are now 5 th in the overall primary table: “In this section Wolverhampton’s rise is notable – up from 39 th last year to fifth – mainly as a result of a dramatically improved Ofsted inspection grades, but also higher entry qualifications”. In terms of employment for ITE graduates the University is second for both secondary and primary teaching.

17 1.Learner days for Continuing Education/ Continuing Professional Development  Wolverhampton provided 57090 learner days making us 12 th out of 164 institutions nationally  In financial terms, from these activities, Wolverhampton generated £5.511m making us again 12 th out of 164 institutions  Of the 12 institutions in the West Midlands Wolverhampton was 1 st for volume of learner days and 2 nd for value of learner days behind the University of Birmingham

18 2.Income from Regeneration and Development Programmes  At an income of £5.958m Wolverhampton was 9 th out of 164 institutions nationally bracketed between Manchester and Liverpool Universities  Regionally it was second after Coventry University

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