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STEPPING STONE TO THE CSU VIA THE COMMUNITY COLLEGE Fall 2008 CSU High School Counselor Conferences Mark McKellip.

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1 STEPPING STONE TO THE CSU VIA THE COMMUNITY COLLEGE Fall 2008 CSU High School Counselor Conferences Mark McKellip

2 CCC to CSU Stepping Stones to the Degree Big Picture What is LDTP? Benefits of LDTP Tools for LDTP

3 60% of CSU students previously attended a CCC Over 55K former CCC students enrolled at the CSU last year CSU enrolls more CC students than any other university 75% of all CCC students who transfer to a 4-year institution go to a CSU campus The CSU is committed to admit all fully eligible upper division transfer applicants Less that half of CSU are likely to admit lower division transfer students in Fall 2009 CSU and the California Community Colleges

4 CSU Transfer Admission Priorities Lower Division Transfer Pattern (LDTP) agreements Transfer Admissions Agreements (TAAs) and Transfer Admissions Guarantees (TAGs) Eligible Upper Division CCC students who meet selection criteria Eligible Upper Division students from all segments Lower Division students from all segments

5 Academic Preparation Golden Four Lower Division Transfer Patterns (LDTP) CSU General Education Breadth Requirements (CSU GE) CSU U.S. History, Constitution, and American Ideals requirements Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) Campus Specific Major Preparation Campus Specific GE

6 Tools available to CCC Students looking to transfer to the CSU CSU Mentor – Admissions Application Filing Status Report Impaction Information CSU GE/IGETC Planner ASSIST – Statewide Repository of Articulation Information CSU GE IGETC CCC to CSU Major Preparation

7 What is LDTP?

8 Lower-Division Transfer Pattern (LDTP) Project LDTP is an advising tool that informs students what lower division academic requirements they should complete at the CCC before entry to the CSU. The LDTP Project is statewide articulation between California Community Colleges (CCC) and California State University (CSU) Campuses.

9 What is the Purpose of the LDTP Project? To advise CCC students what lower division requirements can be completed prior to transferring to a CSU campus. To ensure CCC students are prepared for upper division courses before entering CSU. To decrease graduation time for CCC students who transfer to a CSU campus.

10 What Disciplines are Covered by the LDTP Project? LDTP cover the 44 highest demand disciplines for transfer students. 90% of transfer students pursue these disciplines. For specific details on each discipline go to:

11 LDTP Disciplines African-American Studies Anthropology Art, Art History, and Graphic Design Asian American Studies Biology and Microbiology Business Chemistry and Biochemistry Chicana/Chicano Studies Child and Adolescent Development Chinese Civil Engineering Communication Studies (Speech) Computer Engineering Computer Science Criminal Justice Economics Electrical Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering English Family and Consumer Sciences French Geography Geology German History Human Services Information Systems Japanese Journalism Kinesiology/Physical Education Mathematics Mechanical Engineering Music Native American Studies Nursing Philosophy Political Science Psychology Public Administration Radio-Television-Film Social Science (Teacher Preparation Track) Social Work Sociology Spanish Subject Matter Preparation for Elementary Teaching (ITP & NITP)

12 How is an LDTP Organized? Each pattern consists of two components: Statewide Requirements Requirements that advance students toward graduation at any CSU campus offering a major in the LDTP discipline. Campus Specific Requirements Requirements that an individual CSU campus indicates are necessary preparation appropriate for the major in the LDTP discipline.

13 What are LDTP Statewide Requirements? Often 45 semester units of study that include: CSU General Education or IGETC United States History and American Ideals A set of course requirements approved to meet lower division major preparation at all CSU campuses. Usually two or three requirements

14 What are LDTP Campus Specific Requirements? Often 15 semester units of study that include: A set of course requirements approved to meet additional lower division major preparation at the individual CSU campus. Other elective requirements.

15 How do students benefit?

16 Student Benefits because… LDTP streamlines transfer requirements between the CCC and CSU. LDTP guarantees CCC courses transfer to meet CSU requirements across all CSU campuses. Approximately ¾ of each LDTP will articulate to any CSU campus.

17 Students Benefit Continued… LDTP sets academic preparation standards prior to transfer based on CSU faculty approval of: Major Lower Division requirements for each discipline. Descriptors indicating what is necessary preparation for each LDTP discipline. CCC courses for transfer through LDTP. LDTP is designed to decrease time for CSU graduation by reducing repeated coursework from CCCs to CSU campuses.

18 How Else Will Students be Able to Benefit from LDTP? Students who enter into an admission agreement with a CSU campus and successfully complete a pattern will be given the highest priority among community college transfer applicants for admission to the term of completion.

19 How does a student get highest priority admission through LDTP? The student must complete the LDTP agreement on CSU Mentor. The agreement will indicate: A CSU campus A major with required courses A term of admission Students must complete the requirements of the agreement and meet all impaction criteria.

20 What tools are available for LDTP? LDTP Search in CSU Mentor LDTP Planner in CSU Mentor LDTP Admissions Agreements

21 LDTP Search Module


23 LDTP Search Module…Continued



26 Coming soon…LDTP Academic Planner Allows students to track completion of requirements necessary to complete an LDTP. CSU Counselors will be able to view student progression and LDTP completion.

27 Coming soon…LDTP Academic Planner

28 Coming soon…LDTP Agreements LDTP Agreements on CSU Mentor Students will be able to sign-up for an LDTP Agreement. Agreement conditions and number of available agreements is determined at each CSU Campus.

29 Coming soon…LDTP Agreements

30 Questions?


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