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Re-setting the goalposts the role of sport in a modern day university.

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1 Re-setting the goalposts the role of sport in a modern day university

2 Who Are SUNEE? SUNEE DurhamNorthumbriaTeesside Newcastle Sunderland

3 Enhancing Sport in The North East Community Working with community groups Build relationship between Universities and Communities Employability Developing Coaching Opportunities Developing volunteering opportunities Sport Developing Athletes with High Performance Potential Increase Participation Levels

4  Shared vision and commitment to regional development  Launched 2006 by former Sports Minister Rt Hon Richard Caborn MP  Funded through the Universities, Sport England, BUCS and One North East  Focus Projects = 2 nd Chance Project – HEFCE – Streetleague  Enhance student experience  HISTORY OF SUNEE

5 The HEFCE Project: Universities Engaging Local Communities Through Sport  Awarded £30,000 to deliver 9 month pilot Podium Project  Awarded a further £997,000 from HEFCE to run the 3 year project  Project commenced April 2008  Recruited 5 Full Time Sport Development Officers  Recruited 1 Part Time Administration Assistant  Supported Funding for SUNEE Regional Coordinator  1 PHD Student  15 Scholars per year

6 HEFCE Aims:  Developing and sustaining effective partnerships  Increase Social Development for University students through volunteering opportunities  To use the 2012 Olympics as a vehicle to engage with community groups in sport, physical activity and volunteering  Strengthen links between Universities and their communities.  Working with Schools, Looked After Children (LAC) and Homeless Organisations

7 Where are we? HEFCE Results  562 Students completed level 1 coaching awards  20 Students completed level 2 coaching awards  Over 1000 student volunteering hours  1769 Homeless clients attending sessions  1376 LAC participating in sports sessions  1243 Schools involved in project  263 young volunteers  95 Partner Organisations

8 2 nd Chance  Original SUNEE Project  Working with Drug Intervention Program (DIP), Drug Action Team (DAT) and Probation Service  Funded by Football Foundation and Northern Rock  8 week Football & Sport programme

9 STREETLEAGUE  Developed in Glasgow, London and NOW ……… The North East  Client base 16+ NEET  Progression into Jobs, Mainstream Education & Training  Structured Educational Programme  Credit Reward Program 

10 2 nd Chance Becomes Streetleague Benefits  3 Full Time Football Coaches  2 Directions To Work Officers  Local, Regional and National Match days  Greater media coverage  Sharing of good practice  Support of sister organisations

11 STUDENTS Experience  Scholarships  3 PHD Places  Coaching Qualifications  Coaching experience  Teaching experience  Opportunity to work with hard to reach groups  Opportunity to work with a variety of organisations

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