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Preparation and Delivery of Nutrition Presentations.

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1 Preparation and Delivery of Nutrition Presentations

2 Preparation

3 Identify Learners Knowledge Experience Interests Characteristics Motivation

4 Select Content Needed Important Interesting

5 Determine Context Time Format Facilities Prior experiences

6 Organize Conclusion Introduction 1 2 3

7 Gain Attention Establish Climate Provide Preview/Review

8 Body Three main points Organize progression Illustrate key points with 2-3 subpoints Vary Presentation –actively involve learners –alternate methods

9 Conclusion Summarize Provide closure Create bridges –call to action –questions to think about

10 The Presentation Be prepared Rehearse Practice timing Take 5 minutes to collect your thoughts Face the audience not your visuals Speak in a conversational tone

11 For Dynamic Presentations: Exhibit enthusiasm Relax and enjoy Use: –voice –movement –gestures –eye contact

12 Asking Questions Ask one question at a time Wait for a response Consider calling on specific audience members Activate participation

13 Answering Questions Repeat the question Answer then bridge If you don’t know the answer say so. End on a positive note, thank your audience, and smile Be available afterward

14 Visuals

15 Why Visuals? Enhance learning and retention Focus attention Illustrate ideas Organize the presentation Capture attention –15 minute rule

16 Slides

17 Slide Rules One idea per slide Simplify 5 to 7 lines of copy 15-20 words per slide Multiple slides for complicated topics No more than 5 plain text slides in a row

18 Formatting Slides Minimum font is 24 San serif font improves readability Limit bar charts to 5-7 bars Limit pie charts to 5 slices Limit lines in a graph to 3 or 4 Limit tables to 4 columns and 7 rows

19 Transparencies Not for audiences of more than 100 Same rules as slides

20 Excellent Presentations Careful Preparation Clear Organization Well illustrated ideas Dynamic presentation


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