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1 Project Management CIS 375 Bruce R. Maxim UM-Dearborn.

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1 1 Project Management CIS 375 Bruce R. Maxim UM-Dearborn

2 2 Management Spectrum People Product Process Project

3 3 People Recruiting Selection Performance management Training Compensation Career development Organization Work design Team/culture development

4 4 Productivity and People

5 5 Software Team Roles

6 6 Matching People to Tasks

7 7 Software team Organization Democratic decentralized –rotating task coordinators –group consensus Controlled decentralized –permanent leader –group problem solving –subgroup implementation of solutions Controlled centralized –top level problem solving –internal coordination managed by team leader

8 8 Chief Programmer Team

9 9 Democratic

10 10 Factors Affecting Team Organization Difficulty of problem to be solved Size of resulting program Team lifetime Degree to which problem can be modularized Required quality and reliability of the system to be built Rigidity of the delivery date Degree of communication required for the project

11 11 Communication and Coordination Formal, impersonal approaches –documents, milestones, memos Formal interpersonal approaches –review meetings, inspections Informal interpersonal approaches – information meetings, problem solving Electronic communication –e-mail, bulletin boards, video conferencing Interpersonal network –discussion with people outside project team

12 12 Product Product objectives Scope Alternative solutions Constraint tradeoffs

13 13 Product Dimensions Software scope –context –information objectives –function –performance Problem decomposition –partitioning or problem elaboration –focus is on functionality to be delivered and the process used to deliver it

14 14 Process Framework activities populated with Tasks milestones Work products Quality Assurance points

15 15 Framework Activities Customer communication Planning Risk analysis Engineering Construction and release Customer evaluation

16 16 Process Considerations - 1 Process model chosen must be appropriate for the: –customers –developers –characteristics of the product –project development environment Project planning begins with melding the product and the process

17 17 Process Considerations - 2 Each function to be engineered must pass though the set of framework activities defined for a software organization Work tasks may vary but the common process framework (CPF) is invariant (e.g. size does not matter) Software engineer’s task is to estimate the resources required to move each function though the framework activities to produce each work product

18 18 Project 90/10 Rule 90% of the effort on project to accomplish 10% of the work Planning Monitoring Controlling

19 19 Managing the Project Start on the right foot Maintain momentum Track progress Make smart decisions Conduct a postmortem analysis

20 20 5WHH Principle Why is the system being developed? What will be done and When? Who is responsible for a function? Where are they organizationally located? How will the job be done technically and managerially? How much of each resource is needed?

21 21 Critical Practices Formal risk management Empirical cost and schedule estimation Metric-based project management Earned value tracking Defect tracking against quality targets People-aware program management

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