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Multimodal Therapy ARNOLD LAZARUS.

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1 Multimodal Therapy ARNOLD LAZARUS

2 Connection to Social Work
Evidence-based Assumes “parity” Avoids diagnostic labels Acknowledges multiple dimensions Acknowledge interactions among dimensions

3 MMT’s Assumption about People
Move Feel Sense Imagine Think Relate interpersonally

4 Personality and MMT Personalities are products of Behaviors
Affective processes Sensations Images Cognitions Interpersonal relationships Biological functions

5 For ease of memory & euphony
Behaviors Affective processes Sensations Images Cognitions Interpersonal relationships Drugs & other biological functions

6 Further Assumptions Thorough, detailed assessment is essential to effective treatment. An assessment schema should be: Easy to remember Easy to use Point the way to effective interventions

7 More Assumptions The BASIC ID schema meets the criteria for a good schema Systematically addressing each of the 7 modalities is comprehensive Addressing problems in the 7 modalities will lead to progress

8 Theoretical Background
Classical conditioning Operant conditioning Social learning theory Cognitive theory

9 MMT and the Unconscious
The “unconscious” as an entity is iffy. People have different degrees of self-awareness. Unrecognized stimuli can influence thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

10 Basic Concepts Classical and operant conditioning
Modeling and vicarious processes Private events Nonconscious processes Defensive reactions Communication Metacommunication

11 Functional Analysis Identify Antecedent stimuli
Organismic (mediating) variables Response (observable) variables Consequences

12 Second-order BASIC IDs
The BASIC ID analysis can be applied to any problem identified on the first BASIC ID analysis.

13 Using BASIC ID Identify issues across BASIC ID
Note the primary modality Build from the primary modality Note the modality firing order Use techniques appropriate to each modality

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