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Finding the Right LINCS Beth Fredrick, Center for Literacy Studies

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1 Finding the Right LINCS Beth Fredrick, Center for Literacy Studies

2 Your first and best stop for literacy information... an electronic information retrieval and communication system that Serves as a focal point for easy access to literacy related information and resources and Facilitates communication and the sharing of expertise and ideas throughout the literacy community What is LINCS?

3 National Infrastructure The content, structure, design, and features of LINCS have been developed collaboratively as a distributed system. A national site -- National LINCS 5 Regional Technology Centers: Eastern, Midwest, Northwest, Southern, Western/Pacific LINCS Regional and state partners

4 LINCS Objectives Identify and evaluate leading edge technologies Develop and maintain dynamic Web sites, search engines, literacy resource databases, and communication tools Increase access of local programs to the Internet and World Wide Web by building and enhancing states’ technological capacity Expand awareness throughout the field, and build collaboration and cooperation between local, state, and regional agencies

5 LINCS - 4 Main Activities: Resource organization Web publishing of otherwise unavailable full-text materials Training and professional development through training practitioners to use technology with adult learners, to use LINCS, train trainers, and spread the VISION!!! Developing partnerships through links between NIFL, regional technology centers, states, local programs, practitioners, and learners; sharing achievements in the application of technology; building partnerships with other technology efforts; and identifying funding sources and professional development opportunities All achieved via technology

6 LINCS resources Policy information Calendar and grants information Research results and topical papers Staff development programs Program management tools Instructional resources Sites for adult learners

7 TODAY’S FOCUS: Finding resources on LINCS Using LINCSearch to search literacy Web sites Using LINCSearch to search databases Joining LINCS online discussion lists Locating training for integrating technology with teaching & learning Finding outstanding sites -- HOT SITES Browsing Special Collections

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