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The Perfect Resume Career Services Office College of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources.

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1 The Perfect Resume Career Services Office College of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources

2 Purpose of a Resume Purpose To obtain a job interview, it is not designed to get you a job offer You should always maintain an up-to-date resume Presentation of pertinent facts, career highlights, skills, and accomplishments

3 Resume Formatting Formatting There is not one universally accepted format Highlight strong points and minimize limitations Keep styles consistent and information organized

4 Resume Design Structure Resembles an outline Draw the reader’s attention to a few basic and extremely important elements in your background Appearance Look at your resume for about 5 seconds, what type of impression is left?

5 Resume Wording – What Not to Include Resume content is a reflection of yourself Word selection is critical Do Not Include - Superfluous words: “I”, “he/she”, “we” Negative words: “fail”, “no”, “low”

6 Resume Wording – What to Include Action Words Accomplished, Achieved, delegated, Revised, updated, Coordinated, Evaluated, solved, Directed, suggested, and implemented Buzzwords/Skills Effective communicator, Problem solver, Leader, Self-motivator, Team player, and Technologically literate

7 Resume Components Identification Career Objective Education Employment Honors Activities References

8 Resume - Identification Name Present / Campus / Temporary address Permanent address Telephone numbers Email address

9 Resume – Career Objective Most important element of your resume Match qualifications and goals to an available position Ask yourself, what do you really want out of a position

10 Resume – Education Reference any formal educational experiences More recent education must be described in greater depth than those received several years ago

11 Resume – Employment Provides information on the individual’s values, personality, interests, maturity, and abilities to relate to others It implies social awareness, responsibility, and leadership

12 Resume – Honors Awards of recognition based on superior achievement Examples: scholarships and formal citations

13 Resume – Activities Employers want to know what individuals have done with their non- classroom or study time Shows that a person is willing to accept responsibility – leadership roles

14 Resume – References Should be provided on another sheet Provide name and contact information Make sure that you have specifically asked people to serve as references Give your references and up-to-date copy of your resume

15 What to Leave out of your Resume Age or date of birth Religious affiliation Elementary and high schools attended Position desired (cover letter) Salary desired (never) References Names of supervisors Height, weight, and other physical descriptions Photo Hobbies Personal comments

16 Resume Critique Checklist Materials fit neatly on one page No spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors Typing is neat, clean, and professional looking Layout makes reading easy No paragraphs are longer than 10-12 lines Important titles are emphasized Over-all appearance is inviting Examples quantify/qualify results Do not use “I”

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