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A Brief Guide to Conducting Virtual IARU Meetings For 24-hour Customer Support, please visit:

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1 A Brief Guide to Conducting Virtual IARU Meetings For 24-hour Customer Support, please visit: ver. July 2010

2 Setting Up a Virtual Meeting Email the Secretariat for a meeting link To set up a meeting, please send an email to with the following Meeting Title: No. of Attendees: Date and Time: (if possible, please state in Singapore time) Duration: Please send your virtual meeting requests at least three days in advance of the meeting. Host to send meeting links to participants The Secretariat will generate a link for you to forward to your meeting participants. The virtual meeting can accommodate up to 25 participants. “Host” status The Secretariat will send the meeting host a 6-digit host key. When the meeting begins, the host key will enable control of the meeting software and features. To activate the host key: click on Participant (see top bar when you have logged into the meeting software)  Reclaim Host Role  enter 6-digit key

3 Before a Virtual Meeting Get your headset ready Have a microphone and headset ready. It is good to have a web-camera so participants can see you, although this is not compulsory. Choose a quiet place In order not to pick up unnecessary background noise during your online meeting, choose a quiet place to attend the session. Check your connection While you can connect your computer via wireless internet or mobile broadband, you will get a better experience using a wired connection. A Guide to WebEx (virtual meeting software) Here is an idea of what you will expect when you join the WebEx training session; view the WebEx Quick Start at

4 Joining a Virtual Meeting Receive a link from the meeting host It looks something like this: ------------------------------------------------------- To join the meeting ------------------------------------------------------- 1. Go to 2. Enter your name and email address. 3. Enter the session password: 1234 4. Click "Join Now". 5. Follow the instructions that appear on your screen. Enter your name, not a pseudonym, so others can easily identify you. Call options / Audio conference setup Please choose “Use Computer Headset”  “Call Using Computer” for free internet calls. Using the phone option will incur a charge, based on IDD rates.

5 Joining a Virtual Meeting (2) Web-camera Please connect to your web-cam before joining the meeting. The videos are on the lower right corner of the screen. You will see the presenter and up to five other presenters who have web cameras.

6 Share your documents The presenter has the option to share your documents (greater control) or even work from a your desktop (greater flexibility for collaboration). Annotation & feedback tools Presenter and panelists can make changes directly to the document, and give feedback in the participant and chat areas. These changes can be saved and downloaded on your computer. Presenting in a Virtual Meeting Share Desktop Share Application Share Whiteboard Share Document Open multiple documents from various presenters (This icon appears in desktop sharing mode)

7 Presenting in a Virtual Meeting (2) Roles for meeting participants There are several roles in a virtual meeting – Host, Presenter, Panelist and Participant. A Host can create, schedule and maintain the meeting. The Host has the first level of control in the meeting and can grant or revoke Host, Presenter, Panelist or Attendee permissions The Presenter has the capability to share data. A Panelist, has the capacity to edit data, but not share data An Attendee can view the data that is being shared by the Presenter and interact using Chat and Feedback facilities (but not directly on the document that is being presented) For training videos, please visit:

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