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T.Sharon-A.Frank Multimedia Internet/Web MM Interaction Tools.

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1 T.Sharon-A.Frank Multimedia Internet/Web MM Interaction Tools

2 2 T.Sharon-A.Frank Internet/Web MM Interaction Tools E-Mail Chat Instant Messaging Video Conferencing File Transfer Program Sharing Remote Desktop Sharing Messaging to a Mobile Phone Audio Conferencing

3 3 T.Sharon-A.Frank Contents 1.E-Mail 2.Instant Messaging (IM) 3.Messaging to a Mobile Phone 4.Chat 5.Audio Conferencing 6.Video Conferencing 7.File Transfer 8.Program Sharing 9.Remote Desktop Sharing

4 4 T.Sharon-A.Frank 1. E-Mail With E-mail you can correspond much more quickly. You don't need to be concerned with paper quality, envelopes, and postage. You can send files (Pictures, Documents, etc).

5 5 T.Sharon-A.Frank E-Mail example

6 6 T.Sharon-A.Frank 2. Instant Messaging (IM) Instant Messaging enables you to send a message that immediately pops up on an online contact's screen. ICQ (short for 'I Seek You') is the world's first internet-wide Instant Messenger. ICQ has amassed over 160 million users in more than 245 countries since its launch in November 1996.

7 7 T.Sharon-A.Frank ICQ Application

8 8 T.Sharon-A.Frank How does ICQ IM work (1) You need to register at a ICQ server, which is connected to a broad network of servers spanning the Internet. At the time of registration, you receive a unique ICQ number. ICQ gives you the option of entering personal information along with your ICQ#. This allows other ICQ users to recognize you when you log on.

9 9 T.Sharon-A.Frank How does ICQ IM work (2) Once you've registered, you can compile a selected list of friends and associates. ICQ uses this list to find your friends for you. As soon as you log onto the Internet, ICQ automatically detects the Internet connection, announces your presence to the Internet community, and alerts you when friends sign on or off.

10 10 T.Sharon-A.Frank 3. Messaging to a Mobile Phone You can send messages to your friends' mobile phones and receive their responses.

11 11 T.Sharon-A.Frank 4. Chat Chat rooms are one of the most popular destinations on the Web. With Chat, you can conduct real-time conversations using text with as many people as you like.

12 12 T.Sharon-A.Frank Chat Example

13 13 T.Sharon-A.Frank Chat features You can type text messages to communicate with other people. "Chat" with one person or a group of people across multiple computers. Use "Whisper" mode to send private messages with another person during a group Chat session.

14 14 T.Sharon-A.Frank Chat recording Save the contents from the Chat session to a file for future reference.

15 15 T.Sharon-A.Frank 5. Audio Conference Audio conferencing allows you to communicate verbally, rather than typing messages. With Internet telephony, you place a voice call either from your computer to a telephone or to another person's computer.

16 16 T.Sharon-A.Frank Audio Tool Example Why use the POTS when you can get so Much better on the Internet?

17 17 T.Sharon-A.Frank How Does Audio Work? When you place a call a dedicated circuit opens between you and person you call. The line remains open until you hang up. Your voice is digitized, then broken into small packets of data. The packets travel to their final destination where they are reassembled into “voice“.

18 18 T.Sharon-A.Frank New VOIP/phone tools CyberTalkOnline ( e-phone ( Free World Dialup ( Gphone ( Im4cam ( IRIS Phone ( iSpQ VideoChat ( Microsoft NetMeeting ( Net2Phone ( Phone Plus ( Skype (

19 19 T.Sharon-A.Frank Skype phone tool

20 20 T.Sharon-A.Frank 6. Video Conference Video Conference connects you to any one person so you can: –Share ideas, information and Windows programs while using video. –Send and receive real-time video images. –Send video to a user who doesn’t have video hardware.

21 21 T.Sharon-A.Frank Video card Communication Need at least 2 to tango

22 22 T.Sharon-A.Frank Video Conference example

23 23 T.Sharon-A.Frank Video Conference Tool IVS-Rendez-Vous

24 24 T.Sharon-A.Frank Group Communication

25 25 T.Sharon-A.Frank 7. File transfer With file transfer, you can: Send a file in the background to conference participants. Send the file to everyone in the conference, or to one or more selected participants. Accept or reject transferred files.

26 26 T.Sharon-A.Frank File transfer example

27 27 T.Sharon-A.Frank File Transfer Tool

28 28 T.Sharon-A.Frank 8. Program Sharing You can control how shared programs are displayed on your desktop, and give the person sharing the program control over who uses it. View shared programs in a frame, which makes it easy to distinguish between shared and local applications on your desktop. Minimize the shared program frame and do other work if you do not need to work in the current conference program.

29 29 T.Sharon-A.Frank Application/Program Sharing

30 30 T.Sharon-A.Frank Program Sharing features Easily switch between shared programs. Approve conference participants' requests to work in the program you introduce. Allow or prevent others from working in a shared program using the sharing dialog box.

31 31 T.Sharon-A.Frank 9. Remote Desktop Sharing Remote Desktop Sharing lets users call a remote computer to access its shared desktop and applications.

32 32 T.Sharon-A.Frank Remote Desktop Sharing

33 33 T.Sharon-A.Frank Remote Desktop Sharing features With Remote Desktop Sharing, you can: Operate your office computer from home or vice versa. Use a secure connection and a password to access the remote desktop, files and programs.

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