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Advertising Brian Kozel.

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1 Advertising Brian Kozel

2 Advertising Generally speaking, advertising is the paid promotion of goods, services, companies and ideas by an identified sponsor. Marketers see advertising as part of an overall promotional strategy Effective advertisers use strategic direct-response and brand marketing campaigns that guarantee bottom-line results for our clients

3 Ad agencies Ad Fields Account Service Administrative Media Creative
Interactive Production

4 I hope to start my career at Malone Ad Agency located in Akron Ohio.
Malone interests me because of its relaxed, high tech atmosphere. I have not yet decided the specific field of advertising I want to work. Working in the production/creative stage of advertising interests me the most. Eventually I would like to become an administrator and be in charge of an entire advertising campaign for a company. An example company would be Puma.

5 Computers in Advertising
Much of the work done in the advertising field is done on computers Research is collected and stored in databases regarding costumer, clients and products Written portions of advertisements are created using word processors Creative personnel use computers to create, edit and enhance graphic, audio and video files. Computers and the internet serve as a form of communication between agencies and clients. Many advertising professional use MAC computers.

6 Computer Knowledge The knowledge I gained about computers from this class will help me in several aspects of my life… My career: Computers are used in several aspects of my career as I mentioned on the previous slide Managing my finances: the information I gained about data bases will help me manage my money and make sure bills are paid on time Further education: this class gave me a solid foundation to build on regarding computers Recreational uses: I now understand how to create personal web pages using Microsoft FrontPage.

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