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Persuasive Speech Presented by Doris L. W. Chang.

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2 Persuasive Speech Presented by Doris L. W. Chang

3 Presentation Outline  What Is Persuasion? Why Persuade?  An Approach to Persuasion (Motivated Sequence)  What Do People Need?  Brief Summary Tips  Checklist for a Persuasive Speech  Criteria  Your Turn to Practice!!!

4 What Is Persuasion?  Goal – to change people’s ideas, – to reinforce an existing idea – To form a new attitude – To modify the audience’s ideas  As a persuader, you must – Supply sufficient info. to achieve your purpose of changing an attitude, reinforcing an attitude, creating a new attitude, or modifying an already held attitude. – (Payne 116)

5 An Approach to Persuasion 1.Attention Step 2.Need StepNeed 3.Satisfaction Step 4.Visualization Step 5.Action Step Alan Monroe & Douglas Ehninger (Payne 117)

6 Sample OutlineSample Outline: 1st AC I.Introduction II.Statement of Resolution III.Definition of terms IV.Inherency (justification for change) V.Significance VI.Presentation of the plan VII.Solvency of the plan (how the plan solves the need or harm) VIII.Summary (Goodnight 27) Need

7 What Do People Need? Self Actualization Self Esteem Belongingness Safety Physiologial

8 Tips on Persuasive Speeches 1.Create a motivation for change by applying to one of the five needs 2.Use the Motivated Sequence to help organize your argument. 1.Gain the audience’s attention 2.Establish the need to change 3.Provide a means to satisfy the need 4.Visualize the solution 5.Describe how the audience can act on the solution.

9 Checklist GG oal—to affect a belief or move to action CC lear Stance, clear argument, logical refutation RR easons –c–clearly stated –E–Each reason directly supports the goal –E–Each reason contributes to the audience’s acceptance of the goal UU se facts, statistics, expert opinion to support the reasons DD ocument the evidence for the reasons

10 Criteria for a Persuasive Speech Persuasive Speech Criteria  Is the goal specific and clear?  Is the argument clearly stated?  Is the refutation convincing?  Are there sufficient reasons and supports? General Speech Skills 1. Is the introduction effective? 2. Are the main points clear? 3. Is the conclusion effective 4. Is the language clear, emphatic, and appropriate? 5. Is the delivery enthusiastic, vocally expressive, fluent, spontaneous, and direct?

11 Application Time Sample Persuasive Speech— ”Volunteering at a soup kitchen” (Verderber 290-293)

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