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2 Growth and development
The term growth and development or both refer to dynamic process . They often used changeably ,these terms have different denotations. Growth :is physical change and increase in size and it can be measure. Indicators of growth include height , weight, bone size size and dentition.

3 DEVELOPMENT IS an increase in the complexity of function and skill progression. It is a capacity and skill of person to function DEVELOPMENT: is a behavior e.g: the person develop their ability to walk , talk, to run ….ext .

4 Growth and development: are independent , interrelated processes e
Growth and development: are independent , interrelated processes e.g an infant muscles, bones and nervous system must grow to a certain point before, the infant sit up or walk. Growth: generally takes place during the first 20 years of life, development continue after that.

5 Maturation Is the sequence of physical changes that are related to genetic influences. Maturation: is independent on the environment but its timing can be influenced by environmental factors. The rate of person growth and development is highly individualized, however the sequence is predictable.

6 Factors influencing the growth and development
The factors that influencing the growth and development are both genetic and environmental. Genetic factors determine such characteristics such as sex, physical, status and race. Environmental factors affect an individual growth and development, some of these are: family, religion, climate, culture, school, community and nutrition. Poorly nourished child is more likely to have infection than a well fed child and may not attain his or her potential heigth.

7 Types of growth and development
Physical and physiological Social Motor Mental Spiritual Psychological& Intelectual Emotional

8 Principle of growth and development
Growth is continuous process that determine by many factors. All humans follow the same pattern of growth and development . The sequence of each stage is predictable, although the time of onset, the length of stage and the effect of each stage vary with person.

9 Learning can either help or hinder the maturation process, depending on what is learned.
Each developmental stage has its own characteristics. Growth and development occur in a cephalocaudal i.e starting at the head and moving to the trunk, the leg and feet. Growth and development become increasingly different.

10 Certain stage of growth and development are more critical than others.
Growth and development occur in proximal to the distal direction i.e from the center of the body outward.

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