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PODCASTING Faculty Development Center Cynthia Gautreau.

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1 PODCASTING Faculty Development Center Cynthia Gautreau

2 Workshop Objectives Podcasting Terminology Article: 7 things you should know about Podcasting Podcasting in Higher Education iTunes QuickTime Pro 7 Blackboard- file distribution RSS and Faculty Websites

3 What is podcasting? Podcasting is the process of creating a podcast. A podcast is audio (MP-3 file) or multimedia (video and images) files (MP-4 file) that can be downloaded to an MP-3 player or computer and listened to at a users convenience. A podcast typically has an RSS feed that allows the user to download the podcast directly to an MP-3 player or computer.

4 Podcasting Terms MP-3 A format used to save audio/music files on a computer to use with a MP-3 player or computer. MPEG-4 or MP-4 MPEG-4 is the global multimedia standard, delivering professional-quality audio and video streams over a wide range of bandwidths, from cell phone to broadband and beyond. MP-4 is the term used by Mac to describe a video podcast.

5 RSS Feed Real Simple Syndication used in conjunction with a computer to allow users to subscribe to podcasts, audio podcasts, news, websites. has an RSS feed. RSS Reader A type of software that reads the RSS feeds from websites. Examples of this software include iTunes and Yahoo Podcasts.

6 Episode If you are using a webpage to distribute podcasts files, each new podcast is referred to as an episode.

7 How does it work?


9 iTunes iTunes is a podcatching/RSS reading software. It is also a media player- you can view, search and download audio files and podcasts using iTunes. Free Cross platform (Mac/PC)

10 QuickTime Pro7 Different types of software enable you to create MP-3 and MP-4 files. QT allows you to quickly and easily convert files. You do not need to learn a software program. Two or three simple steps allow you to convert files. Purchase price ~ $30

11 Blackboard Add the converted files to you Blackboard site. Students can use iTunes to download and add the files to their ipods OR view the files in any media player except Windows Media Player- it does not support MP-4 format.

12 How is podcasting being used to support teaching and learning? Faculty –Blackboard to share podcasts. –Hybrid courses and online courses. –Audio recorder to record their class discussions and lectures- then convert and upload the files. –Online courses can incorporate podcasts as a mode to present content. Students –Second language learners can access podcasts to review content. –Students can review podcasts to study for an exam or quiz. –Visually impaired students can assess content using audio MP-3 files. –Students can use podcasting technology to record and deliver group projects. –Download content to review at their leisure.

13 How will you use podcasting? (Examples provided by other CSUF faculty) 1.Guest speaker 2.St groups- projects, oral reports for a class, sts can do podcasts as an oral presentation requirement to save class time 3.Orientation for the online master’s program 4.Senate mtgs 5.Guest speakers 6.Lectures- orientation the first class, save the information for sts who are late registering 7.Campus podcasts, audio and video tours of housing facilities 8.Key note speakers 9.Assistant deans can use the podcast to facilitate communication 10.FAQ

14 How will you use podcasting?

15 What is the easiest way to create an audio podcast? An audio podcast can be created quickly using any recording device. QuickTime Pro 7 software allows you to record and edit audio recording on your computer.

16 What is the quickest way to create a video podcast? Modify an existing PowerPoint presentation. Add audio and record the slides using Camtasia software. Export the file as a QuickTime movie. Add the codec.

17 PART 2 RSS Feeds and Websites

18 RSS Feed & Faculty Website After you have created MP-3 or MP-4 files and are ready to post… Make an appointment or stop in on a Friday during open lab hours 1:00-3:00 pm to add an RSS feed to your faculty website.

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