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Math 174, Spring 2004 Introduction -- Desert Vista Campus -- Northwest Campus.

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1 Math 174, Spring 2004 Introduction -- Desert Vista Campus -- Northwest Campus

2 Startup Administration Introduction – me Attendance & Roll Call Must initial roll sheet Required to drop anyone who doesn’t show on first day If DRC student – see me after class Fill out student information sheets

3 Prerequisites and Policy Course Information sheet – general information for entire course Available on-line ( Class Syllabus – specific to course Prerequisite – Need to have 173; enforced by me Cannot post or email grades

4 Structure of Course Like last time, mathematics is tied to and used in two projects Project 1: Marketing Uses differentiation and integration Project 2: Bidding on an Oil Lease Uses probability distributions and monte carlo simulations, along with integration

5 Class Files Unlike last time, a package containing a CD and student notebook is required to be purchased from the bookstore Mathematics for Business Decisions: Part 2 by Thompson and Lamoureux CD contains all of the course files Student notebook is a hard copy of the slides presented in the course files You will still need to download 115b.exe from the business math web page – contains specific information about the class (daily syllabus, practice exams, etc).

6 173 vs. 174 In 173, we did a few fairly simple things: Probability Models Distributions – PDF’s and CDF’s Bayes’ Theorem and Trees In 174, we tackle two central topics in 1- dimensional Calculus Differentiation Integration + the statistical ideal of variance and two theorems Central Limit Theorem (CLT) & Sampling Distribution of Mean Fundamental Theorem of Calculus (FTC) Excel does all calculations for us but this course is harder than 173

7 Projects Like last time, there are 2 projects in the course. Each project is worth 200 points and consists of the following components: A preliminary report (20 points) A final report (60 points) An oral report (70 points) An individual quiz (50 points) A handout has been prepared that discusses my expectations of each of these components

8 A few more details Tutoring center – Opens September 2. I tutor on Fridays from 11-12pm. All notes will be done via PowerPoint presentations The PowerPoint files will be available for download off of the class web page ( I will try to get the files there BEFORE the day the notes will be presented – cannot guarantee though Note: If you do get the files before the class, the files may change slightly.

9 Your responsibility I will do my part to help you succeed in this course but first and foremost you are responsible for your own education Visit tutoring Form study groups Visit my office hours; make appointments Do all the work assigned to the BEST of your ability Do extra work Take all appointments made (with me and your team) very seriously; come prepared to work

10 Homework Two parts: 1. Bring your comments on the class policy (purple sheet) to my office by 5pm tomorrow If I am not there, you can slide it under my door. 2. Bring a copy of your schedule with you to the next class.

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