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Registration for Rising Sophomores Class of 2014.

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1 Registration for Rising Sophomores Class of 2014

2 Mount Tabor High School Counselors Last NameCounselor A – ColMs. Corey Daniel Com – HaMs. Kristine Doyle He – MaMrs. Colleen Santos-Roberts Mc – PMs. Lin Shropshire Q – SnMr. Stan Huck So – ZMr. David Naff

3 Important Registration Dates for Rising Sophomores Feb. 10 th Registration Overview March 1 st – 15 th Individual Meetings with your Counselor March 18 th SIGNED REGISTRATION CARDS DUE! April 21 st Deadline to change courses

4 Registration Materials High School Registration Handbook Registration Timeline/Guidelines Transcript Registration Card Student/Parent Course Choice Form

5 Making Your Course Selections READ your registration handbook ASK questions Talk with your Teachers, Counselor, & Parents Talk with other students who are enrolled in courses you are considering

6 How Do I Attain Sophomore Status? 5 credits are needed by the start of school year 2011-12 – Pass your classes – Summer School opportunities may be available to make up credit

7 What Information Is On My High School Transcript? Identification information Course history for each grade in high school Final Grades Mid Year Grades Grade Point Averages  Weighted (QPA)  Unweighted (GPA) Class Rank (you will be ranked in your class after 9 th grade) Accumulated Credits Attendance for each grade in high school Standardized Test Scores  EOG from 8 th grade  EOC scores

8 Grade Point Average (GPA) / Quality Points Average (QPA) GPA (unweighted) = Points earned  Number of units attempted Only using Standard #s StandardHonorsAP A456 B345 C234 D123 F000 QPA (weighted) = Points earned  Number of units attempted Using Standard, Honors, & AP #s


10 Future Ready Course of Study Every public school student will graduate from high school, globally competitive for work and postsecondary education and prepared for life in the 21 st century.

11 Future-Ready Core Graduation Requirements 4 English – (English 1, 2, 3, 4) 4 Math 3 Social Studies – (World History, Civics & Economics, & World History) 4 Science – (A Physical Science, Biology, Earth/Environmental, & additional credit) 2 PE/Health/LMS 2 electives (any combination of Career Technical Education, Arts Education, or Second Language) 2 additional electives (from CTE, JROTC, Arts Education, or any other subject area) Total = 21 credits

12 Future-Ready Core Math Four mathematics credits are required for graduation: Algebra I Geometry Algebra II A fourth math course to be aligned with the student's after high school plans (e.g. college or work) A substitution math sequence is available in rare instances

13 Your Registration Card You will select 8 courses and 2 alternate courses English Math Science Social Studies PE 2 or Dance 1B and Health Base additional course selections on Plans Beyond High School and Interests – Foreign Language – Career/ Technical Education Courses – Arts Education Courses

14 Rising Sophomore Registration Cards due signed and delivered to the Counseling Office by March 18 th

15 How Will I Select My Sophomore Year Courses? Course Assignment Principles Future Ready Graduation Requirements Post-Secondary Goals and Plans – Work – Military – Community College – 4 year College or University Motivation Interests

16 WS/FCS Course Assignment Principles Students will be assigned to the most rigorous and challenging courses based on previous EOG and EOC test scores and grades Students and Parents should discuss course options with current teachers Students and Parents choose all courses and course levels Course Assignments will be written on your registration card Course Choice Request form will be attached to registration card to alter the registration card assignments

17 May I change my course requests after the April 21 st deadline? ONLY IF: 1. You need a different course to meet your graduation requirements. 2. You fail a course that is a prerequisite course to a course that you selected. 3. You complete a course in summer school and are ready for a different course. 4. You have selected a course that will not be offered due to low enrollment. CHOOSE CAREFULLY & WISELY You will be expected to take the courses that you have chosen on your registration card. You will also be expected to remain in the course level chosen through at least the first grading period.

18 Why Is There a Deadline For Changing Course Requests ? Master Schedule is based on student course requests Preparation of student schedules for the following school year – You will receive your schedule about a week before Open House for the 2011-12 school year.

19 Courses With Semester Final Grades Life Management Skills PE 1 and PE 2 Dance 1A and Dance 1B Health SAT Prep Sociology, African Am Studies, Latino Am Studies Shakespeare

20 Sophomore English Courses English 2 standard English 2 honors Seminar English 2

21 Sophomore Math Courses Consider your Post Secondary Plans Algebra 1 Algebra 1/Geometry Foundations of Geometry Geometry – (Standard, Honors) Algebra 2 – (Standard or Honors) Pre-Calculus Honors Advanced Functions and Modeling

22 Sophomore Science Courses Biology – (Standard or Honors) Chemistry – (Standard, Honors, or AP) Physical Science Earth/Environmental Science – (Standard, Honors, or AP)

23 Sophomore Social Studies Courses Civics and Economics Civics and Economics Honors Seminar Social Studies 2 Electives – African-American Studies (honors, semester) – Latino-American Studies (honors, semester) – Intro to Sociology (honors, semester) – Psychology (honors, full year) – Semester courses may be paired with SAT Prep

24 Foreign Languages French German Latin Spanish  Practical Spanish for Native Speakers Chinese (only at the Career Center) Japanese (only at the Career Center) Think about your preparation for the next level of a foreign language. The higher your current grades, the better you are prepared for the next course. Level 3 and higher foreign language courses are taught at the honors level.

25 Career/Technical Clusters Registration Handbook, pp. 8-9 Agricultural and Natural Resources Biological and Chemical Business Commercial and Artistic Production Engineering Health Sciences Industrial Public Service Transport Systems Construction

26 Mount Tabor’s Career/Technical Courses Business and Marketing Technology Family and Consumer Sciences

27 Business and Marketing Courses Digital Communication Systems Microsoft ITA: Word, PowerPoint, & Publisher Microsoft ITA: Excel & Access Multimedia & Webpage Design Principles of Business Business Law Accounting 1 & 2 Marketing Fashion Merchandising Business Advanced Studies

28 Family & Consumer Science Courses Teen Living Foods Required for Culinary Arts 1 at Career Center Parenting and Child Development Apparel Development 1 Housing and Interiors 1

29 Technology Courses Fundamentals of Technology Communications Systems Structural Systems Transportation Systems Drafting 1

30 Why Should I Choose a CTE Course? Two or more CTE courses meet Future Ready Course of Study requirements One CTE credit is required to earn the NC Academic Scholar recognition (see p. 3 of registration handbook) National Vocational Honor Society eligibility Learn a practical skill Choose an interesting elective

31 Mt. Tabor’s Arts Education Courses *some Colleges/Universities require one arts education credit for admission Art Band Chorus Dance Orchestra Theatre Arts Two or more Arts Education courses meet requirements of the Future Ready Course of Study

32 Other Elective Choices For Sophomores Shakespeare 101/102 (semester or all year) Intro to Journalism Newspaper 1- speak with Dr. Gardiner in Room 201 Yearbook 1- speak with Mrs. Gallos in Room 205 JROTC SAT Prep (semester) Speech & Debate (new course!) Humanities (new course!) Theatre Tech (new course!)

33 Can I Earn College Credit in High School? Advanced Placement courses UNCG i School online courses Forsyth Tech dual enrollment courses Other local college/university programs Extensive information about earning college credit in high school is found on pages 10-11 in the Registration Handbook.

34 May I Take AP Courses During My Sophomore Year? If you meet the prerequisite If you are willing to meet the challenges of extensive reading and outside assignments Possible AP course selections: – AP Chemistry – AP Environmental Science Rising sophomores who want to consider AP course offerings must meet with AP teachers to discuss the course requirements and summer enrichment activities.

35 North Carolina Academic Scholar Award English 1, 2, 3, 4 Alg 1, Geom, Alg 2, or Int Math 1,2,3 plus an advanced math Earth/Env Science, Biology, Chemistry or Physics World History, Civics and Economics, US History Two years of same foreign language One Career/Technical Education course One Arts Education course Five additional courses 3.5 Grade Point Average (unweighted) See description on page 3 of the Registration Handbook.

36 2011-2012 Schedule A Day / B Day Courses AP Courses Arts Courses Foreign Language Newspaper/Yearbook Pre-Calculus Integrated Math A Day/B Day & Semester Block Algebra 1 Geometry Algebra 2 Courses will be PRIMARILY in a 90 minute 4x4 semester block format with specific courses scheduled on a 90 minute A Day / B Day yearlong format.

37 Sample Schedule #1 Block1 st Semester2 nd Semester 1 Civics & Economics English 2 2 A Day: Spanish 2 B Day: Geometry 3 MarketingSports & Ent. Marketing 4 PE 2 / HealthBiology

38 Sample Schedule #2 Block1 st Semester2 nd Semester 1 A Day: Algebra 2 B Day: Newspaper 2 English 2PE 2 / Health 3 Civics & EconomicsChemistry 4 A Day: Orchestra B Day: French 2

39 Be Prepared To Meet With Your School Counselor Mrs. Barnett’s classesFebruary 28-March 1 Mrs. Bartlett’s classesMarch 2-3 Mrs. Bowman’s classes March 7-8 Ms. Mobley’s classesMarch 9-10 Ms. Schaefer’s classesMarch 11-14 Mr. Punger’s classesMarch 11-14

40 Will You Be Prepared? READ your Registration Handbook TALK with your parents/guardians THINK about your course choices

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