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Welcome to Room 207S Grade 5 Ms. Bardwell Forest Hill Jr. & Sr. P.S.

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1 Welcome to Room 207S Grade 5 Ms. Bardwell Forest Hill Jr. & Sr. P.S.

2 My Mark

3 Communication Please check the class website weekly - ideally on the weekend – for updates. Email: Agenda: Feel free to write me a quick note in your child’s agenda. School: Leave me a message at 416-395-9335.

4 Homework The majority of the homework your child brings home will be a result of it not being completed in class. There may be occasions where extra practice is needed and homework will be assigned to assist with understanding. Time will be provided each day for your child to record homework assignments and/or upcoming projects in his/her agenda. Parents are asked to review daily work to ensure completion and understanding. *** Please initial your child’s agenda daily.

5 Homework Major assignments must be completed on time. Adequate class time will be provided and extra time if required. All absences (i.e. illness, scheduled appointments, etc.) require completion of any missed work. Your child should be reading at least 20 - 30 minutes each evening. The exposure to different ideas and rich vocabulary is immeasurable!

6 Math Makes Sense The Math Makes Sense text book will be housed at home this year. At the beginning of each unit, your child will write the corresponding pages from the text book in their agendas. They can try this work at home to help reinforce the concepts that we have been learning in class. I have already seen this make a positive impact on some students in class who are participating with more confidence!

7 Achievement Charts Your child will be assessed according to the standards set out in the Ontario Curriculum, and the corresponding achievement chart. There are four sections on the achievement charts: - Knowledge and Understanding - Thinking - Communication - Application

8 Knowledge and Understanding: Subject-specific content (knowledge) and the comprehension of its meaning and significance (understanding).

9 Thinking: The use of critical and creative thinking skills and/or processes.

10 Communication: The conveying of meaning through various forms.

11 Application: The use of knowledge and skills to make connections within and between various contexts.

12 Levels and Grades The levels your child receives are calculated by the success criteria outlined for that assignment, and according to the following: D: LEVEL 1 - falls below the provincial standard; demonstrates limited understanding. ** DID NOT MEET MOST OF THE CRITERIA** C: LEVEL 2 – approaching the provincial standard; demonstrates some understanding. ** MET SOME OF THE CRITERIA**

13 Levels and Grades B: LEVEL 3 – represents the provincial standard; demonstrates considerable understanding. **MET THE CRITERIA** A: LEVEL 4 – surpasses the provincial standard; demonstrates thorough understanding. **EXCEEDED THE CRITERIA**

14 How to Achieve Level 4 Include more than one example when explaining my thinking Use advanced vocabulary when communicating my ideas Show my work using more than one strategy Include “extras” in my projects Make deep connections when responding to texts Consistently apply my learning to new situations

15 Learning Skills We are working towards understanding and demonstrating the following learning skills: responsibility, initiative, independent work, organization, collaboration and self-regulation. Each week we have a goal for demonstrating the learning skill we are focusing on

16 Learning Skills On the report card, students are graded on the learning skills on the following scale: E = Excellent (almost all of the time) G = Good (most of the time) S = Satisfactory (inconsistent) N = Needs Improvement The students will have an opportunity to reflect on and set goals in all six areas throughout the year.

17 Class Parent Representatives We do not yet have a class parent rep – if you are interested in taking on this role, please see me tonight or send me an email. The role primarily involves coordinating three class parties (MAXIMUM!!) and updating all parents via email.

18 Thank you Thank you very much for attending this year’s Curriculum Night. Please take a moment to look around the room to see some of the things we are working on!

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