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Login using your credentials After you login, Choose New Thesis from the main menu screen.

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1 Login using your credentials After you login, Choose New Thesis from the main menu screen

2 Click Go Button to start the student profile creation and thesis upload process Please note, thesis uploading is 2 step mandated procedure. 1.In the 1 st step, you create profiles of all students by uploading their thesis 2.In the 2 nd Step, you create groups/batches of students to facilitate batch/group wise student dissertation and viva-voce in coming days.

3 The guide has to enroll “ALL” students profiles (one-by-one) whom he/she is guiding in the 1 st step. To do so, Click on “Add New Student Thesis” button.

4 On click of “Add New Student Thesis” button from previous screen, you will be prompted to the screen shown here. Enter details and upload thesis of a student and finally click “Save” button. Guide has to repeat this procedure for all his/her students to enroll into the system.

5 All enrolled student entries can seen here. Only after createing profiles of students, Proceed to Step 2, to create students group. To do so, Click Step 2 button

6 The Step 2 screen shows students list with a “Add To Group>>” options. Click “Create New Group”, to create a empty group

7 On click of “Create New Group” link, you will notice an entry is created in the drop down list and selected by default. This confirms the empty group is ready for students addition. You can Click “Create New Group” multiple times to create more groups as per your need. Click “Add To Group>>” link whom you wish to make part of “Group – 1”

8 As you keep clicking “Add To Group>>” link you notice students getting added to the “Group -1” Click “<< UnGroup” to remove a student from current group

9 Thesis guide need to perform above said procedure to upload students theses. When all student entries are grouped properly, please contact your branch H.O.D to verify and submit groups for evaluation. Please note, 1.Make sure to create a group maximum 5 or 6 students and not more. 2.A single guide creating one group and including all his/her students (more than 6 students) in a single group is not recommended.

10 Gray – status with gray color means “Guide or HOD has not submitted thesis for the examination”. Please make sure to “Submit” the thesis after student profile creation and uploading of thesis completed by guide. Red – status with red color confirms that, thesis is submitted properly and awaiting to start evaluation process Blue – status with blue color confirms that, thesis in the process of evaluation Green – status with green color confirms that, dissertation and viva- voce exams are finished and marks are uploaded by professors successfully.

11 H.O.D should review the information and groups created by the guide and submit group for evaluation by clicking the red big button. This confirms all steps to (1) upload thesis (2) make student groups (3) and submit theses for evaluation. From this point on wards, University will be initiate the online evaluation procedures. Guide as to periodically check his/her email to know notifications from University.

12 Thank you!

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