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The Solar System : Web-Based Learning Julie Radetski ETT 536.

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1 The Solar System : Web-Based Learning Julie Radetski ETT 536

2 Project Description WBL topic: The Solar System Second grade level Fact cards about each planet for grade- appropriate research Interactive and creative activities for the students to complete online

3 Project Objectives To create a WBL environment at a primary level where students can look up reference information about the planets for use during in-class research. To instruct students on the use of acronyms to remember the order of the planets in the solar system.

4 Project Objectives-continued To apply the use of acronyms by allowing students to create his/her own acronym to remember the planets. To provide practice of putting the planets in order through a drag and drop games. To allow students to be creative through developing his/her own planet.

5 Design Metaphor Organizational Metaphor Organized categorically Solar System Information-Uses the organization of the solar system Learning Activities

6 Project Learning Activities Planet Fact Cards Individual web-pages for each planet will list facts such as # of moons, distance from the sun, color, surface etc. Acronym Lesson for Planet Order  Teaches the use of an acronym to remember the planet order.

7 Project Learning Activities-continued Drag and Drop Games for Planet Order Two drag and drop games allow for students to practice putting the planets in order: one with acronyms and one without acronyms for help. Create Your Own Planet  Students can write about a fictitious planet.

8 Project Sitemap WBL Homepage Solar System Information Planet Cards Sun Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto Acronym Example Learning Activities Create Own Acronym Drag & Drop Planet Game with Acronym Drag & Drop Planet Game- No Acronym Create Your Own Planet

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