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Looking Back: Looking Forward Dr Margaret Noble Pro Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Quality) University of Greenwich.

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1 Looking Back: Looking Forward Dr Margaret Noble Pro Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Quality) University of Greenwich

2 Overview Looking Back – the vision in 2007 Reflecting on achievements Challenges of a changing HE environment Identifying priorities Looking Forward

3 Looking Back – the Vision in 2007 Presentation at 2007 symposium told the story Creating networks and teams to enhance learning and teaching Thinking about and creating a distinctive student experience Sharing effective practice Nurturing ideas and fostering creativity and innovation Enhancing the student experience Enhancing student satisfaction

4 Reflecting on Achievement I – Building a Team Established an Educational Development Team –Educational Development Coordinator (0.7) –Two Associate Educational Development Coordinators (0.4) –Administrative support –School-based Learning Enhancement Coordinators –University Teaching Fellows –Associate Teaching Fellows

5 Reflecting on Achievement II Supporting innovation –Innovation Fund, ‘Dragon’s Den’, 30 projects supported –School Action plans –Learning Technologist –Student and Staff Portals Strategic priorities –Induction –Assessment and Feedback –Placements and Employability

6 Reflecting on Achievement III Educational and Professional Development Programme –Booklet sent to all staff and on portal –Wide range of events and courses Involving Students –Campus based ‘World Cafes’ –Employability workshop

7 Challenges of a Changing HE Environment I Demographic change Increasing competition from a growing public, and private, sector Equivalent and lower level qualifications (ELQs) Changing student expectations Student satisfaction Leitch and the Skills agenda Internationalisation Strategic market positioning

8 Challenges of a Changing HE Environment II Leitch, Employer Engagement, Work Based and Flexible Learning 40% of workforce with Level 4 qualifications by 2020 (currently 29%) Increased focus on employer engagement –flexible, responsive and demand driven learning –programmes developed with employers –co-funding of new student places –bespoke provision –accreditation of in-house programmes –CPD and ‘bite-sized’ learning Enhanced focus on student employability – broadening horizons Giving individuals greater control over their own learning

9 Identifying Priorities Four areas –Employability –Student Retention –Assessment and Feedback –Internationalisation

10 Employability New employability policy Challenge of producing work-ready graduates –Core competences Communication skills, verbal and written Team working and interpersonal skills Personal planning and organisation skills Analysis and problem solving skills Global, commercial and cultural awareness Work experience/work related learning Curriculum responses

11 Student Retention Significant improvement but –challenge of maintaining and further improving retention rates Evaluating retention issues Pre and post entry support Supporting student needs

12 Assessment and Feedback Greater transparency Managing student expectations Student feedback Clarity in assessment criteria Innovation Staff development

13 Internationalisation Broadening student, and staff, horizons Building on international collaboration to strengthen the curriculum Students capable of working in global environments Student and staff exchanges

14 Looking Forward Ambitious agenda Several policies –Learning and Teaching- Retention –E-learning- Internationalisation –Employability - European But – all mission critical Celebrating success Building on achievement Learning and teaching proposed on-line in- house journal Levering in external support for innovation Responsive learning and teaching environment

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