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By: Xsayvire Dametrius. 10 Principles of Smart Growth.

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1 By: Xsayvire Dametrius

2 10 Principles of Smart Growth

3 Create places to walk in the neighborhood Create housing affordable to everyone Collaboration between stake holder and community Natural beauty in the neighbor hood Make the community affordable to everyone Mixed land Preserve the open space and natural beauty Transportation variety Keep existing communities Compact buildings

4 Top 5 Principles

5 This simply means that housing should be affordable to people of all incomes people with high and low incomes should be able to afford the same houses. Create range of housing opportunities and choices!!!

6 Provide a variety of transportation choices !!! Just providing more than one way to get around, and providing people with low income and no cars to have more choices to get back and forth from their jobs to their houses to going shopping its just a simpler way of getting around.

7 Walkable Neighborhoods !!! This simply means that we need a neighborhood that allows people to be able to drive their cars ride their bikes, skate, and walk all at the same time that’s just what they mean when they say walkable neighborhoods!!!

8 Preserve open space farmland and natural environment areas !!! This means that the neighborhood need more parks and recreational areas and more trees and plants and grass so more things can grow that’s what open space means for smart growth!!!

9 Foster distinctive attractive places with a strong sense of place!!! This just means to make the town or city have a sense of style and culture to it make it unique don’t build it just like someone else make it better and different that’s what this means!!!

10 Questions About Smart Growth

11 Sprawl Sprawl is when a person moves or lives in a neighborhood where they need a car to get where they need to go they cant walk or take a bus. Things that aren’t good about sprawl are : Lack of parks and farm land More people have to drive People have to depend on cars People have to drive a longer way There is lots more Pollution More energy is wasted Public Health Concern is at a higher rate

12 Sprawl Results in Urban Disinvestments Disinvestments- Withdrawal of capital investment from a company or country. Many people move to a different city People have to pay more taxes. –There’s more poverty concentration –Socio-economic inequities increase –Farm-land is destroyed and made into Parking lots.

13 Smart Growth Housing The good thing about smart growth housing are: –There are more choices in housing –People can afford the houses –People can get to where they need to go

14 Why are schools considered “Anchors of the Community”? They are considered anchors of the community because they help everyone learn. Not just the kids but the parents also. (the pta meetings)

15 Fair and Cost-effective Development Strategies The ones I think is are most important are: Smart, efficient decisions Revitalization of depressed areas

16 Mixed Land Uses Mixed land uses are better than a large single land use because they can be used for other things than just one.

17 Importance of Preserving Open Space It is important to preserve open space so we could have a place to play and to socialize.

18 Pictures For Transportation

19 The Advantage of Compact Buildings Compact buildings have the advantage because they can fit more people into one community. When you have more people in the community, the people bring in more money and the community can afford more schools and places to play and relax.

20 Dayton Street

21 Dayton/Weequahic Park



24 4 family Light industrial park Multi family Commercial corridor

25 Dayton/Weequahic Park Boundaries

26 The Changes We Want to Make To Dayton

27 The ware houses should be moved to a different neighborhood then there would be less pollution hardly any at all for better air for the residents.Then Turn the ware houses into rental apartments. The vacant lots and buildings should be turned into new houses And into apartment Buildings for people Who cant afford the houses.And make stores to shop for the residents

28  Lots of heavy industrial warehouses  Lots of open space  Mixed residential park industrial neighborhood  Weequahic Park contains a large lake, baseball fields, and soccer fields.

29 What I think should happen with the neighborhood is just to move the Ware houses into another part of the city so that there would be less pollution in that neighborhood and a better living environment for the children I also think that when the ware houses move that they can be turned into rental apartments. The other thing that I think should happen in this neighborhood is the vacant land and buildings should be turned into affordable houses and apartments so that people of both high and low incomes will be able to afford them this way the city and state will make even more money because more people will be paying them. These are the changes that I think should happen with the neighborhood.


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