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MIS 3862. How Levi’s Got Its Jeans into Wal-Mart.

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1 MIS 3862

2 How Levi’s Got Its Jeans into Wal-Mart

3 3 Information Systems in Perspective Chapter 1: –Information concepts –What is an information system –Business information systems –Systems development –Organizations and info systems –Competitive advantage –Performance based systems –Careers in Information Systems

4 4 Why Learn about Information Systems

5 5 What is a system? Earthbuddy

6 6 What is an Information System? A set of interrelated components that collect, manipulate, and disseminate data and information and provide a feedback mechanism to meet an objective.

7 7 Information technology (IT) – any _______-based tool that people use to work with information and support the information and information-processing needs of an organization –Information _______ is an important _______of business success and innovation

8 8 Management information systems (MIS) – the function that plans for, _______, implements, and _______ IT hardware, software, and the portfolio of applications that people use to support the goals of an organization –MIS is a business _______, similar to Accounting, Finance, Operations, and Human Resources

9 9 Today we live in an _______ age Where knowledge is power to gain and sustain a competitive advantage. Once you finish your program, you will enter the _______ as a knowledge worker. Knowledge worker works with and produces _______ as a product. A knowledge worker _______ all other types of workers by a 4-to-1 margin.

10 10 Information Concepts: Data Versus Information _______: raw facts –Alphanumeric, image, audio, and video _______ –Organized collection of facts –Have value beyond the facts themselves

11 11 Figure 1.1: Defining and Organizing Relationships Among Data Creates Information Data Versus Information

12 12 Figure 1.2: The Process of Transforming Data into Information Data Versus Information

13 13 The Characteristics of Valuable Information _______ Complete _______ Flexible _______ Timely Verifiable _______ Secure

14 14 Computer-Based Information Systems Collect, manipulate, store, and process data into information

15 15 Business Information Systems Most _______ types of information systems used in business organizations: –Electronic and _______commerce systems –Transaction processing systems –Management information systems –_______ support systems –Specialized business information systems

16 16 Systems Development Systems development –Creating or _______ existing __________ systems Systems investigation Systems analysis Systems design Systems implementation Systems maintenance and review

17 17 Organizations and Information Systems –Organization: a _______ of people and other resources established to accomplish a set of goals –An _______ is a system Inputs: __________ (materials, people, money) Outputs: goods or services

18 18 Organizations and Information Systems Figure 1.14: The Value Chain of a Manufacturing Company High Flyers

19 19 Technology Diffusion, Infusion, and Acceptance Technology diffusion: _______ of widespread use of technology Technology infusion: _______ to which technology permeates a department Technology acceptance model (TAM): _______ factors that can lead to higher acceptance and usage of technology

20 20 Organizations in a Global Society As companies rely on virtual structures and outsourcing to a greater extent, businesses can operate around the world Challenges to operating in a global society –Every country has a set of customs, cultures, standards, politics, and laws –Language barriers –Difficulty in managing and controlling operations in different countries

21 1834 Competitive advantage Significant, long-term __________ to a company over its competition Ability to establish and __________ a competitive advantage is vital to a company’s success NFL Coaches

22 22 THE FIVE FORCES MODEL – EVALUATING BUSINESS SEGMENTS Factors That Lead Firms to Seek Competitive Advantage

23 23 Strategic Planning for Competitive Advantage Change the __________ of the industry –Netflix, hp & compaq, charles scwab Create new __________ or services –Itunes, imac, Improve __________ products or services –Healthy & light, Use __________ systems for strategic purposes –Sabre, NFL Coaches See table 1.5

24 24 __________ __________ case Answer the following Analyze the industry that __________ is in using the porter model, is it a good industry to be in? What competitive advantage do you feel __________ has? How does information play into that competitive advantage

25 25 Performance-Based Information Systems Ella Mae Consider both __________ advantage and costs Use __________, return on investment (ROI), net present value, and other measures of performance Figure 1.15: Three Stages in the Business Use of Information Systems

26 26 Return on Investment and the Value of Information Systems Earnings growth Market __________ Customer __________ and satisfaction Total __________ of ownership

27 27 Careers in Information Systems Figure 1.16: The Three Primary Responsibilities of Information Systems

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