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Coming Soon ! Google Prepared by Frank Saraceno.

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1 Coming Soon ! Google Apps Prepared by Frank Saraceno

2 Coming Soon! Google Apps The Academic Computing and Educational Technology committee approved the recommendation to move our Mirapoint email service to Google Apps Education Edition in May 2009. A team consisting of faculty, staff and students reviewed the current email service, Mirapoint, and evaluated the offerings from Google and Microsoft. The committee unanimously selected Google Apps Education Edition to replace the Mirapoint email service at Binghamton University.

3 Coming Soon! Google Apps Advantages of Google over current email service Google provides other apps in addition to email Google mail provides larger mailboxes – over 7gb Allows for larger email messages to be sent – 25mb Better spam and virus protection Mobile access Voice and video chat Power of Google search in Google mail

4 Coming Soon! Google Apps Application Suite Communication tools Gmail – 7.3gb of storage, built-in IM, voice and video chat, mobile access, spam and virus protection, IMAP, POP and Google powered email search Google Calendar – share calendars with anyone on campus Google Talk – instant messaging, free calling (VOIP), file transfer, group chat

5 Coming Soon! Google Apps Application Suite continued… Collaboration Tools Google Docs – create, share and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, forms and presentations from anywhere Google Sites – team website creation with videos, images, gadgets and document integration Google Video – securely share videos with your school

6 Coming Soon! Google Apps Benefits Reduces IT costs that support a campus email solution Reduces the burden on the IT staff that must support an email solution Over 58% of our students forward their BU email to another mail service Over 4,800 users forward their mail to Gmail already Google offers other productivity and collaboration tools in addition to email

7 Coming Soon! Google Apps Benefits continued…. Increased uptime for their hosted solution with an SLA of 99.9% uptime Students may keep their accounts after graduation and maintain their identity with BU We can keep our domain name Google continues innovate and offer new applications

8 Coming Soon! Google Apps When? We’re planning a fall 2009 semester implementation A specific date will be announced after the contract has been approved How will we announce the date? With the assistance of Communications and Marketing, we will use numerous channels to keep you informed.

9 Coming Soon! Google Apps Helpful links:

10 Coming Soon! Google Apps Introducing the BMAIL logo:

11 Coming Soon! Google Apps

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