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Quark QuarkXPress 4 Intermediate Level Course. Working with Master Pages The Document Layout Palette allows you to add, delete, and move document and.

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1 Quark QuarkXPress 4 Intermediate Level Course

2 Working with Master Pages The Document Layout Palette allows you to add, delete, and move document and master pages

3 Working on Master Pages Working on Master Pages is the same as working on Document Pages; you have the same tools palettes at your disposal. The primary difference is that whatever you do on the Master Page will available on every page that contains the master page.

4 Master Page Numbers Master Page Numbers allows you to setup the numbering for your document. The numbers will automatically be updated to reflect the page that contains the Master Page Numbering command.

5 Editing Master Pages When Editing Master Pages you can rename the Master Page, duplicate the Master pages, and remove the Master Pages.

6 Working with Document Pages The Insert Pages dialog box allows you to insert pages, set how many, where to insert then, which master page they should be based on and if their text boxes should link to other current document pages.

7 Editing Document Pages You can use the Document Layout palette to remove pages, or the Delete Pages dialog box.

8 Page Numbering The Page Area Section allows you to set numbering and its style for pages.

9 Page Navigation One of the ways to go to a specific page within a document is to go to the Page field at the bottom left corner of the document window.

10 Flowing Text When adding text into a text box, there may be too many words to fit within the set space. If this is the case, the Overflow symbol will appear in the lower right corner of the text box.

11 Text to Path Adding Text to Paths can be done by first drawing a path, you will be able to begin adding text to the path. If the text you enter is larger than the path that you have created, you will see a text over flow icon.

12 Formatting Paragraphs The Formats tab within the Paragraph Attributes dialog box allows you to set indents, line spacing, paragraph spacing, drop caps, as well as many other characteristics for either one or a multiple of paragraphs.

13 Tabs and Indents The tab ruler will typically appear on the top of the active column when either the Formats or Tabs tab of the Paragraph Attributes dialog box is selected. This ruler allows you to set indents and create and move tabs manually. However, if the active column is not able to display the ruler, it is shown within the Tabs tab of the Paragraph Attributes dialog box.

14 Using Styles Sheet Palettes The Style Sheets dialog box allows you to do a multiple of tasks, from creating, editing, duplicating, to deleting paragraph and character style sheets and appending style sheets taken from a different document.

15 Editing Style Sheets Selecting the Edit button in the Style Sheets dialog box will open either the Edit Paragraph Style Sheet or the Edit Character Style Sheet dialog boxes, depending on the type of style sheet highlighted in the list.

16 Find and Replace This dialog box allows you to search and replace text characters, paragraph or character-based style sheets, fonts, point sizes or type styles.

17 Spelling The Check Spelling submenu allows you to check a word, story, document, or any master pages. The text is compared to the QuarkXPress Dictionary and any other open auxiliary dictionary.

18 Working with Shapes When editing shapes, use the Item or the content tools and move the select the points on the outline of the shapes.

19 Béziers If used properly, the Bézier tools are a very powerful tool for drawing. Most Bézier shapes consist of points, handles, and segments.

20 Outlining The Text to box feature is a very handy and easy to use feature to have in any application. It only works for the first line of text in a text box, if you have more that one line, you will have to convert each line separately.

21 Importing Colors The imported colors will show up as spot colors, therefore they will print on there own color separation.

22 Pantone Colors When you need to ad color to your work and you do not need to a rainbow of colors, the best thing to use is Pantone colors.

23 Multi-Ink Colors The Multi-ink color model allows you to create colors using a combination of process and spot colors.

24 Coloring Objects The Color Palette allows you to select, change and modify colors within your documents.

25 Importing EPS Files A vector image can be resized, moved and enlarged and the output quality will not be affected. However, it cannot be re- colored within QuarkXPress.

26 Links When you import links into QuarkXPress, you will have to keep and eye on where you are importing your images from. Use the Picture usage Dialog box to keep track of your image links.

27 Advanced Scaling While holding the CTRL + ALT + Shift key combination, press “F”. If the ALT key is not pressed, the picture will fit into the box, however the proportions will alter relative to its original picture.

28 Locking Your Work When you have a lot of objects on your document you can use the Locking feature to prevent objects from being move accidentally.

29 Layers The Send to Back command allows you to send a particular item from any location to the bottom layer of all items on a document.

30 Step and Repeat The Step and Repeat command allows you to create multiple duplicates at the same time, and have the duplicates placed at a set distance from each other.

31 Text and Shapes

32 Anchoring Pictures Anchoring text allows you to embed pictures into text box. This eliminates having to group the text and the picture together every time you want to move the two objects around.

33 Postscript Printing Confirm that the correct Printer Description file is within the PPD Manager before you create a PostScript file, so it will be visible once in the Setup tab of the Print dialog box.

34 Spreads Spreads allow printing of two or more pages side by side.

35 Suppressed Printing

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