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On-Campus Program How to upload your resume, bid for employer interviews and schedule an interview.

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1 On-Campus Program How to upload your resume, bid for employer interviews and schedule an interview

2 Student URL: Username is: first name.last For example: Your Password is generated by Symplicity program. Click on Forgot Password if you have misplaced your password and Symplicity will generate a new one for you—a new password is generated with each request for a password! YOU MUST USE INTERNET EXPLORER TO ACCESS AND USE the Symplicity Program otherwise you may not be able to view ALL THE AVAILABLE FEATURES OF SYMPLICITY

3 Click on profile—you must fill out the profile, academic and privacy pages before will be able to bid.

4 Be sure that your graduation date is correct. This is especially critical for those who have changed from part-time to full-time. Make sure your current student status is correct (2L, 3LE, 3L, 4LE)- your ability to bid on employers depends upon it.

5 Select Yes to participate in fall program. Select Yes—resumes are sent via email only.

6 Click on Add New to upload your Approved resume

7 Resume must be converted to PDF format, this may take some time. Until your resume is approved by the Office of Career Planning it will remain in the pending file.

8 Once your resume is approved print it out and check the format. Next, hit Make Default. If revisions to your resume are necessary it will be deleted by Career Planning and you will need to upload a revised resume. You will either receive an email from the Office of Career Planning with suggested revisions or you will receive an email telling you that the resume needs to be modified and the resume with suggested revisions has been placed in the Outgoing maroon tray on the counter in Career Planning.

9 If your resume has been approved, checked for formatting, uploaded, and viewed to insure the format was not altered during Upload, this is what you should see under the Approved Documents tab in Documents. Your PDF resume is now ready to send to an employer, Be Sure this is the resume you want to send by again reviewing the format and checking the date modified. Note: you may load specialty resumes. Now, click on OCI and leave Documents.

10 1) Select the program or employer in the Session box and click on Search. 2) Your default resume will be used for all bids unless you click Review below and select a different resume. If you have a new revised resume which you wish to use on all your bids, select it and then click on Update All. 2 3) Now hit the review button. To review each firm

11 This is what you will see when you hit the review button. Check the class years the firm is interviewing Review the date the employer is interviewing with reference to your calendar, the documents you will take to the on-campus interview under additional requests, and the hiring criteria. Click on Apply to place your bid Choose a specialty resume for a particular employer.

12 Note the locations of the offices for which the firms are interviewing and the number of slots or interviews available. Should you change your mind on a bid to interview with a firm you may click the Withdraw button any time prior to 11:59pm Sunday, August 30 th.

13 A firm interviewing for multiple locations generally only requires only one On-campus interview for all locations listed. Rank the locations in order of preference and click on Apply.

14 Until 11:59 on August 30th, this is what the main OCI page will look like.

15 On August 31st the page will change and look like this. However, often additional firms contact the school after Aug 30 th. Students will be notified by school email of additional employers as the employers notifiy the school of their interest. Check Symplicity from August 31 st forward for employer invitations to interview.

16 To accept or decline an interview, hit the appropriate button.

17 Consider the following when scheduling your interview: 1. Your class schedule 2. Employers run late fairly often-schedule interviews 40 minutes apart. 3. Schedule two employers per day for the first full week, then three employers per day for the remainder of the month. 4. Then click the signup key!

18 Your bidding tab will show that you have scheduled your interviews, the resume you submitted, And the number of total interviews for each employer.

19 Your scheduled interviews tab will indicate the dates, firms, times and locations of your interviews.

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