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 2004 Tau Yenny, SI - Binus M0194 Web-based Programming Lanjut Session 11.

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1  2004 Tau Yenny, SI - Binus M0194 Web-based Programming Lanjut Session 11

2  2004 Tau Yenny, SI - Binus 2 Promoting Site and Managing Banner Advertising Search Engines  How do they work?  What’s the best way to get listed Web Rings Banner Ads

3  2004 Tau Yenny, SI - Binus 3 Search Engines Search engines  one of the most common ways people find information on the Web  only to links from other Web pages  If you want people to find your E-Commerce site, you need to get it into search engine

4  2004 Tau Yenny, SI - Binus 4 Search Engines How Do They Work ?  The Web grows and changes dramatically every month and there is no central list of all the pages  Search engine are actually the product of a combination of two task : “spidering” and “indexing”.  First, must try to find every page on the Web. Web spider tries to build a central list by periodically requesting every Web page with every URL it has ever seen. If there is no longer a Web page at a URL, the spider deletes the URL from its list. If there is a Web page, the spider scans the page for links to other pages, if it finds any, adds those URLs to its central list.

5  2004 Tau Yenny, SI - Binus 5 Search Engines  Second, when spider finds a URL, indexer goes to works. The indexer scans each page for key words and stores them along with the page’s URL and a summary or abstract of the page.  After a page has been spidered and indexed, it can be found  Two major kinds of search engines handle the indexing process: Web directories, such as Yahoo! and the Open Directory Project, use people to place Web sites into a search structure Web indices, use software to perform the same function.

6  2004 Tau Yenny, SI - Binus 6 Search Engines What’s the Best Way to Get Listed  Getting your URL onto a search engine spider’s central list is necessary, but no sufficient to meet E-Commerce goal.  Imagine if your store wound up as site number 105.523. Would anyone ever find it?  Getting your site to appear at the top of a search engine’s results page is part science, part art, and part plain hard work.

7  2004 Tau Yenny, SI - Binus 7 Search Engines  Three things to remember: Shorter is better than longer More is better than fewer A few search engines handle most of the searchers  Shorter Is Better Than Longer Most search engines consider the hot areas to be relevant to a search phrase if some or all the phrase appears is the page title, the page description and keywords, and the first few paragraphs of the body of the page The relevance metric is an attempt to compute a ratio of how much of the page is “on-topic” vs. “off-topic”, it is just as important to make a document appear less off-topic as it is to make it seem more on-topic

8  2004 Tau Yenny, SI - Binus 8 Search Engines  More Is Better Than Fewer It is important to reduce the amount of off-topic text in a page to make it score higher in a search. To make your site appear in more than one search result set, create a separate page that is optimized for each search phrase. For example, if you want your site to come up high on the search results for “candy store”, “chocolate bar”, and “bubble gum”, make three separate pages. Give each page a title and meta tags that are optimized to score high for one of these phrases.

9  2004 Tau Yenny, SI - Binus 9 Search Engines  A Few Search Engines Handle Most of the Searches After the pages are created, let the search engines know about them. Services exist that will submit your site to hundreds of search engine for a fee, but most of the searches are done on a small number of search engines.

10  2004 Tau Yenny, SI - Binus 10 Search Engines

11  2004 Tau Yenny, SI - Binus 11 Web Rings Recreational surfers often use Web rings to find new sites that interest them A Web ring is a collection of Web sites that have something in common. The home page of each of these sites is linked to two other sites on the same topic, so that it is possible to navigate among all the sites that belong to the ring. You can establish your own Web ring or join an existing ring by visiting

12  2004 Tau Yenny, SI - Binus 12 Banner Ads Another way to increase the traffic to your Web store is to advertise. Banner ads are available for purchase, but are also available through advertising-sharing programs known as link exchanges. Link exchanges  As with other advertising, you can easily pay for Internet advertising; however, the Internet makes cooperative advertising available to everyone.  Cooperative advertising is the practice of sharing advertising space and advertising costs.  Most banner advertisers limit the size of banners files to 10K or smaller to reduce the impact of the banner download on the user.

13  2004 Tau Yenny, SI - Binus 13 Banner Ads  With Internet banner advertising, cooperative advertising manifests itself in link exchange. Link exchange provide an easy way for Web site operators to trade advertising impressions with each other  A Webmaster signs up with a link exchange, uploads a banner, and inserts some exchange-provided HTML on his Web site  The HTML automatically dowloads a banner from the exchange and records an impression on behalf of the site.  For each banner impression on the Webmaster’s site, the exchange credits the member Web site with some number of ad impression. An impression is an industry standard term for the number of times a banner advertisement has been displayed.

14  2004 Tau Yenny, SI - Binus 14 Banner Ads  Impressions are often contrasted with what are variously called transfers or click-throughs measure the number of times that an ad has been clicked.  Exchanges typically require that a Web site display more than one ad in order to earn display credit.

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