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Nelson Mandela —a modern hero 莆田五中 陈 钦. What do you think Mandela will answer if you ask him the same questions?

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Presentation on theme: "Nelson Mandela —a modern hero 莆田五中 陈 钦. What do you think Mandela will answer if you ask him the same questions?"— Presentation transcript:

1 Nelson Mandela —a modern hero 莆田五中 陈 钦

2 What do you think Mandela will answer if you ask him the same questions?

3 Curriculum focus : Getting to know about a great people. Learning about a person’s personality. Reading skill: Analyzing the main ideas; Scanning for details; Word study

4 Before reading strategies Predict the content with the help of the pictures,title, first paragraph and last paragraph. What’s going to be talked about in the text?

5 Read the text quickly and try to divide the text according to the information given. Part 1 Paragraph1-2Part 1 Paragraph1-2 The life of Elias’ life before he met Nelson Mandela. Part 2 Paragraph3-5 The change of Elias’ life after he met Nelson Mandela and what Mandela did. While reading

6 Read the text again and tell whether the sentences are true or false and why. 1.Elias met Nelson Mandela at school. 2.Nelson Mandela was a black lawyer. 3.Elias was unable to read or write because he was lazy. 4.Nelson Mandela helped him keep his job. 5. Elias was happy blowing up government buildings. F T F T F When he worked in Johannesburg could not pay the school fees and the bus fare Elias don’t like violence, but he was happy to help Mandela

7 7. Nelson Mandela thought violence was a good way to help black people. 8. The government were happy with Nelson Mandela and the ANC. 6.Nelson Mandela believed that black people were being treated as well as white people in South Africa F F F should be was not not happy

8 Listen to the tape and try to find out the words or phrases that have the same meaning. 1.some time ___________ 2.go on ___________ 3.lose one’s job ______________ paid for going to school __________ 5.a yellow metal for making a ring _________ fact ___________________ difference in status 8.agree to take _____________ period continue out of work fee gold as matter of fact equal accept

9 close your books and finish the short passage. Elias is a poor b_____ worker in South Africa. When he first met Mandela he was in a difficult p_____ of his life. He began s______at six. But he had to leave because his family could not c______ to pay the school fees. When he got a job, he was w_______ because he didn’t have a passbook. Then Mandela told him what to do and helped him. When Mandela o________ the ANC Youth League, Elias joined it. At that time, black people had no v____ and could not chose who r_____ them. In 1963 he helped b_____ up some government buildings, though it was d________ for him, because he knew it was to r________ their dream of making black and white people e_______. lack eriodchool ontinue orried rganized ote uledlow angerous ealize qual

10 Discussion What characteristics ( 品格 )of Mandela impress you most? What qualities does a great person have? Give some examples. Mild Kind Determined Brave Intelligent

11 【万花筒】曼德拉的卡通人生 Mandela comics (CNN) Nelson Mandela has launched a series of comic books about his life aimed at encouraging young South Africans to read. CNN's Alphonso Van Marsh reports.

12 Homework Now, many Chinese students are beginning to go abroad for further study, how are they treated abroad? Do you think they are treated as equally as native students? Why?

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