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Delivering NextGen June 5, 2015 Maryland Airport Managers Association Presented by Carmine Gallo, Eastern Regional Administrator Federal Aviation Administration.

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1 Delivering NextGen June 5, 2015 Maryland Airport Managers Association Presented by Carmine Gallo, Eastern Regional Administrator Federal Aviation Administration

2 NextGen is the largest infrastructure project in U.S. history. Move from a ground-based system to satellite-based and digital technologies The flying public is already enjoying NextGen benefits: Shorter flights Better on-time performance and Fewer missed connections 2

3 NextGen has a number of ingredients: 3  Technology gives more (and better) information enabling air traffic controllers, dispatchers and pilots to do their jobs better  Improved procedures are more efficient and are easier on the environment  Enhanced policies mean greater flexibility for the users of the airspace Before PBN Conventional departure After PBN Diverging departure

4 Integrated Flight Planning Surface Traffic Management and Enhanced Surface Operations ADS-B Data Communications Streamlined Departure Management RNP ADS-B Data Communications TCAS Streamlined Arrival Management RNP ADS-B Data Communications TCAS Efficient Cruise RNP ADS-B Data Communications TCAS FOUNDATIONAL Tactical Air Traffic Control Separation: En Route Automation (ERAM), Terminal Automation (TAMR) Strategic Air Traffic Decision Support: Traffic Flow Management System (TFMS) Surveillance: Airport Surface Detection Equipment Model X (ASDE-X) and Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) TRANSFORMATIONAL Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B), Required Navigation Performance (RNP), Data Communications

5 5 Delivering NextGen En Route Automation Modernization (ERAM)  ERAM provides the platform needed for NextGen operations in high-altitude airspace  Provides real-time aeronautical information, enabling more efficient data management  Increases flexibility in routing aircraft around congestion, weather and other airspace restrictions – automatic flight coordination increases efficiency and capacity Seamless information sharing, coordination between controllers and en route centers Foundational Program

6 Delivering NextGen Terminal Automation Modernization and Replacement (TAMR)  STARS supports ADS-B. In use while replacing older automation platforms at 108 other facilities  LCD screens cut electricity use by 67%, take less time to maintain and are more reliable than the previous CRT screens  Single system in NAS cuts costs by eliminating the need to develop, test and deploy software on multiple platforms and maintain an aging automation platform Foundational Program 6 Converts terminal air traffic control facilities to a single, common automation platform: the Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System (STARS).

7 Delivering NextGen System Wide Information Management (SWIM) Digital Data-Sharing Backbone of NextGen Inconsistent Data from Multiple SourcesCommon Shared Data  Enables air traffic management- related information sharing among diverse, qualified systems  Provides information governance  Distributes weather and flight planning information to National Airspace System (NAS) users Transformational Program 7

8 Delivering NextGen NAS Voice System (NVS)  Replaces the current voice switches operated independently at individual facilities  Enables flexibility to shift controller workload between facilities as needed  Enable direct communication between air traffic controllers and pilots, including UAS pilots Transformational Program 8

9 Delivering NextGen Performance Based Navigation (PBN)  Removing level-offs on arrivals, segregating arrival routes to deconflict flows  Adding more departure points, expediting departures  Adding high-altitude PBN routes  Realigning airspace  Cut emissions, fuel use through operational improvements Implementational Program 9

10 DC Metroplex

11 Optimized Profile Descents (OPD)

12 Delivering NextGen Automatic Dependent Surveillance − Broadcast Satellite-Based Surveillance Radar SurveillanceSatellite-Based Surveillance  Aircraft positions updated continuously instead of every 4.7 seconds or longer with radar  100 of 230 air traffic facilities use ADS-B to separate traffic  634 ground stations are smaller than radar installations making them cheaper to maintain and easier on the environment Transformational Program 12

13 New Website: Equip ADS-B To find out more information on the rules, airspace and equipment needed, visit FAA’s Equip 2020 ADS-B website.Equip 2020 ADS-B website.

14 Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance 14 11 LPVs improve access to 23 Maryland airports during periods of low visibility. Airport with LPV

15 Performance Based Navigation Airport with STAR T-Route Airport with SID 15 SI D STAR RN P ADW050 BWI244 DM W 230 ESN210 FDK220 GAI220 HGR010 MTN240

16 ADS-B Coverage 16 Terminal Service Volume En Route Service Volume Radio Station Surface Service Volume

17 Closely Spaced Parallel Runway Operations

18 NextGen Advisory Committee’s top priorities fall into 4 categories Aviation Contributions $1.5 trillion to the National Economy 5.4 percent of GDP $459 billion in earnings. 2 PBN Multiple Runway Operations Surface Operations Data Communications

19 NextGen Update: 2015 The NextGen Update: 2015 is a web-based product  Links to additional information including program websites, reports, videos, etc.  Section One: From Vision to Reality – A look back at from where NextGen has come, and a look ahead at where we’re going.  Section Two: Progress and Plans – Key Programs, Environment, Safety and Controller Tools  Section Three: Collaboration – NextGen Advisory Committee and International  Section Four: General Aviation – ADS-B, Approach Procedures and Fuel Technology  Section Five: Operator Investments and Airports

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