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Nutrition Cluster Partners Training Juba- 15-17 December.

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1 Nutrition Cluster Partners Training Juba- 15-17 December


3 Nutrition Cluster Partners Training Conducted in Juba, South Sudan, From: 15 th -17 th December 2014 In collaboration with : Global Nutrition Cluster (GNC); Cluster lead Agency (CLA); Ministry of Health (MoH) Two international consultants facilitates the training: Adriana Zarrelli & Vivienne Forsythe 23 participants attended

4 Training Objectives  Understand the background to Humanitarian Reform and Transformative Agenda  Understand coordination mechanisms in South Sudan;  Be clear on the core functions of cluster at country level and the role of cluster partners in achieving core cluster functions.  Be clear on the roles, responsibilities and accountabilities of the government, Cluster Lead Agency, Cluster Coordinators and Cluster Partners;  Be familiar with HPC and cluster tools, sources of information and resources for effective cluster performance.

5 NCRT- Agenda- in Brief Day 1-Humanitarian Reform Transformative Agenda and Cluster Approach  Humanitarian reform, Transformative agenda and the cluster approach  Nutrition Cluster activation, transition and de-activation  Roles, responsibilities and Accountability of Nutrition Cluster coordinator and partners  -Minimum Commitment for Participation in the Cluster Day 2- Implementation of the Humanitarian Programme Cycle  -Needs Assessment and Analysis  -Humanitarian Needs Overview  -Strategic Response Planning,  -Resource Mobilisation,  -Implementation and Monitoring Day 3- Inter-cluster Coordination and Intercluster Coordination Performance Monitoring  Inter-cluster coordination  Evaluation of the core functions of the NC and its performance  Development of Plan of Action


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