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National VOAD: 101. VOAD 101: History Mission The Four C’s Membership Criteria National VOAD Today Conclusion.

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1 National VOAD: 101

2 VOAD 101: History Mission The Four C’s Membership Criteria National VOAD Today Conclusion

3 VOAD 101:

4 Emergency Management Cycle Mitigation - Minimizing the effects of disasters Preparedness - Planning how to respond Response – Protecting the public and meeting survivors’ immediate needs Recovery - Returning the community to normal



7 VOAD 101: Disaster Response Flow Chart (around 1970)

8 VOAD 101: Birth of National VOAD: Where, How, Why did it start? August 17, 1969 – Hurricane CAMILLE strikes the Mississippi Gulf Coast as a Category 5 storm with winds of 190 mph and a storm surge of some 22 - 25 feet Voluntary agencies are among the responders Voluntary agencies rush to the scene to provide assistance: Little or no coordination Uncoordinated efforts among and between voluntary agencies leads to duplication of efforts and gaps in service

9 VOAD 101: Birth of National VOAD: July 15, 1970: Representatives from seven national agencies met in Washington, DC to discuss the need to “get together” and “talk together”.

10 VOAD 101: Founding Organizations Christian Reformed World Relief Committee Mennonite Disaster Service National Catholic Disaster Relief Committee Society of St. Vincent De Paul Seventh Day Adventist American National Red Cross Southern Baptist Convention

11 VOAD 101: Mission National VOAD is the forum where organizations share knowledge and resources throughout the disaster cycle— preparation, response and recovery—to help disaster survivors and their communities.

12 VOAD 101: What is VOAD? Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster or “VOAD” is a structure that provides a mechanism for representatives of voluntary agencies and organizations that have a role, purpose or function in disaster response and recovery to network and share information.

13 VOAD 101: What is VOAD NOT? VOAD is not “operational” There are no direct services provided by VOAD There are no VOAD Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs), No VOAD Warehouses, No VOAD Shelters or Feed Stations. The member agencies and organizations provide services to those affected by the disaster by implementing their response strategies and providing assistance.

14 VOAD 101: 19691970’s1980’s1990’s2000’s2010’s During the 1980’s, many local affiliates of National VOAD members began forming Local, Regional and State VOAD coalitions By the end of the 1970’s, many other organizations joined the National VOAD Movement National VOAD was founded By the mid-1990’s, VOAD became a true national movement 2011: Established “Vision 2020,” expanding role of National VOAD to grow the movement 2009: Partnership Program begun

15 VOAD 101: National VOAD Today: 115 Members 59 National Organization Members (Faith-based, Community-based and other Non-Governmental Organizations) Membership Requirements: National in scope and purpose Includes a Voluntary constituency component (promotes civic engagement) Nonprofit structure under IRS Code Active in Disaster cycle with documented response program Collaborative working relationship with other members Commitment of resources; build capacity of State/Territory VOADs 56 State and Territorial VOAD Members Representing Local/Regional VOAD's/COAD’s & hundreds of additional local member organizations throughout the country.

16 VOAD 101: National Organization Membership: National in scope and purpose Voluntary membership or constituency Nonprofit structure Tax-exempt under IRS Codes Active in Disaster Documented response program Commitment of resources

17 VOAD 101: National Organization Membership: Adherence to National VOAD Standards of Conduct and Service Delivery – Transparency and Accountability: Non-Profit Status Published Form 990 Annual audits Adherence to established fund raising practices such as those described by the Association of Fundraising Professionals. Provision of one or more of the following services and participation on the associated National VOAD committee: Preparedness and/or mitigation Mass care Emergency assistance & casework Emotional & Spiritual Care Supporting Services to state and local VOAD member agencies Recovery Donations Volunteer Management Outreach/information and referral Animal and Pet Services

18 Disaster Coordination Flow Chart 53 National Orgs Event State Orgs Local VOADs Local COADs 55 State/Territory VOADs HQ -------------------------------- ---------------------------- Key ------------------ Coordinating Responding

19 VOAD 101: The 4C’s ™ Cooperation Communication Coordination Collaboration

20 National VOAD Today Committees: Advocacy Communications Community Preparedness Disaster Case Management Donations Management Emotional & Spiritual Care Housing International Long Term Recovery Groups Mass Care United States Islands & Alaska Volunteer Management Task Forces: 2012 Drought Training State Advisory Councils Documents from the Committee's: Points of Consensus: Disaster Case Management Disaster Spiritual Care Donations Management Mass Care Rebuild & Repair Volunteer Management Other Documents: Multi Agency Feeding Template Light Our Way Long-Term Recovery Guide Managing Spontaneous Volunteer National Mass Care Strategy

21 National VOAD Today Partnerships National VOAD is dedicated to whole community engagement and recognize that all sectors of society must work together to foster more resilient communities nationwide. We welcome substantive partnerships with emergency management and public health agencies, as well as with for-profit corporations, foundations, educational and research institutions, associations and other nongovernmental organizations. A sample selection of current partners: The International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) UPS FoundationFacebookVision Link ALAN FEMA | Federal Emergency Management AgencyCNCS FLASH | Federal Alliance for Safe Homes, Inc. Business Civic Leadership Center, US Chamber of Commerce.

22 A National VOAD Partnership National Mass Care Council Co-Chair(with ARC) Representation at the National Response Coordination Center (NRCC) Signatory to the National Response Framework Active partner in the development of the National Disaster Recovery Framework Coordinate response and recovery efforts

23 VOAD 101:

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