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Erikka Goff Director Georgetown Learning Centers.

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1 Erikka Goff Director Georgetown Learning Centers

2  Testing Timeline  SAT vs. ACT  Q&A

3  10 th grade: Take the PSAT on Oct. 15 th.  11 th grade: Take the PSAT on Oct. 15 th. Decide to take SAT or ACT. Sign up for SAT Subject Tests if needed.  12 th grade: Retake the SAT, ACT, or SAT Subject Tests in early Fall (Sept. or Oct.)

4 SAT and SAT Subject Test Dates ACT Test Dates October 11, 2014September 13, 2014 November 8, 2014October 25, 2014 December 6, 2014December 13, 2014 January 24, 2015February 7, 2015 March 14, 2015 (SAT only)April 18, 2015 May 2, 2015June 13, 2015 June 6, 2015

5  Courses: Think about your course load. Try to pick a time when you won’t be overwhelmed. Juniors in Alg. 2 should take March test date or later.  Sports: Playing any sports this year? Consider how practice/games might conflict with test prep and the test date.  AP Exams: AP’s are the first two weeks of May. If you are taking a lot of AP’s, the May SAT date might not be the best fit.  SAT Subject Tests: It’s usually a good idea to take these in May or June of your junior year.

6 SATACT Ten sectionsFour sections with optional fifth writing section 3 hours, 45 minutes2 hours, 55 minutes (without writing) 3 hours, 25 minutes (with writing) Each section graded from 200- 800. Total score out of 2400. Each section graded out of 36 possible points. Overall average (composite) score is out of 36 points. Math, Critical Reading, and WritingMath, Reading, Science, English, and Writing* *optional

7 SATACT Correct Answers:1 point Incorrect Answers:¼ point subtracted from score No penalty for incorrect answers Scoring:Each section from 200- 800. Total test out of 2400. Each section from 1-36. Total test composite score from 1-36. Average scores:Math 515 Critical Reading 502 Writing 494 Overall: 1511 Math: 21 Reading: 21.5 English: 20.7 Science: 21 Composite: 21.1

8 SATACT Math: Three sections (20-25 min. each) Covers concepts through Algebra 2 One 60-minute section Covers concepts through Trig Critical Reading: Three sections (20-25 min. each) Reading comprehension and sentence completion One 35-minute section Reading comprehension only

9 SATACT English: Two sections (one 10- minute and one 25- minute) Tests a wide variety of grammatical errors One 45-minute section Tests grammar, punctuation, and syntax Science:N/A One 35-minute section. Tests interpretive, analytical and problem solving skills Does not test prior scientific knowledge

10 SATACT Essay: One 25-minute essay First section of test Tests the student’s skills at forming a written argument One 30-minute section (optional) Last section of test Tests the student’s skills at forming a written argument, usually related to a school or education topic Essay is technically optional but YOU SHOULD DO THE ESSAY!

11 SATACT Guessing:Educated guessingGuess! Content: Reasoning and test- taking ability Typically better for students who are weaker in science Content based Often good for students who are strong in science Timing: Several short sections Generally better for students who struggle with pacing Few longer sections More questions per minute, good for students who work quickly

12  Which format feels right?  How long can you sit without fidgeting?  Overachiever or underachiever?  Girl or boy?  Which do you think you’ll do better on?

13  Rigorous academic courses  Extensive, quality outside reading and/or writing  Follow the advice in My SAT Study Plan in My College QuickStart after the PSAT  Take a practice test and become more familiar with test directions, types of questions, and pacing

14  Take a free SAT vs. ACT practice test at Georgetown Learning Centers.  Pick a test date, keeping AP’s, course load, sports, etc. in mind.  Register at or  Study!

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