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1 |#techuk Introducing techUK Volcrowe/ Nemode Workshop. 22/4/15

2 About techUK techUK represents the companies and technologies that are defining today the world that we will live in tomorrow. More than 850 companies are members of techUK. Collectively they employ more than 700,000 people, about half of all tech sector jobs in the UK. These companies range from leading FTSE 100 companies to new innovative start-ups.

3 | @techUK |#techUK techUK’s potential reach (BIS Business Population Estimates – 2012) Businesses in Info/ Comms/ Professional/ Scientific/ Technical/ Services = 1.2 million Businesses in Info/ Comms/ Professional/ Scientific/ Technical/ Services = 1.2 million Mid Cap Tech = 0.8% = 2,400 Tech Firms = 25% = 300k

4 | @techUK |#techUK Total Database > 100,000 TechMap Total Database > 100,000 TechMap Full Membership >1000 Networks > 20,000 techUK’s target reach – 3 year plan (BIS Business Population Estimates – 2012)

5 What does techUK do? techUK has a clear, simple mission: To ensure the UK is a great place for tech companies to locate & grow To ensure that technology is good for the whole of the UK economy To ensure that technology is good for UK citizens and society.

6 techUK value proposition We deliver tangible value to members in four key areas: Developing networks and relationships Developing markets Reducing business costs Reducing business risks.

7 techUK 2015 Focus Areas In 2015 techUK will work to promote member interests under 4 broad headings: techUK as the voice of the technology industry – seeking and gaining influence Developing market opportunities for members to grow revenues – acting as a source of knowledge and a forum for ideas and opportunities Ensuring members’ business viability by tackling blocks such as skills and diversity – particularly gender diversity Reducing threats to the continued success of the tech industry in the UK.

8 techUK 2015 Focus Areas

9 |#techuk techUK – Networks

10 techUK – Future Technologies Network Fixed Technology 4G to 5G and beyond Wireless Technology Radio Spectrum BIG DATACLOUD IoT and M2M SDN / VFN SMART EVERYTHING Information economy (IE Council) CTO Council, IoT Council, BIG DATA Council, Mobile & Cloud Council, Communications Council Future Technologies Network techUK The Electronics Network - components and sub-systems supply chain 2015 Focus: Wireless Communications & Medtech Future Technologies Group (IE Group) UK Spectrum Policy Forum and UKTI & techUK partnership programme

11 techUK – The Electronics Network Supporting the technology community across the UK Driving innovation and excellence for electronics design.

12 techUK – Cyber Connect UK

13 |#techuk techUK – Programmes

14 techUK programmes - 2015 techUK programmes are designed around vertical and cross market areas of work which we are pursuing on behalf of the tech sector. Our programme grid demonstrates where organisations can get involved with techUK. The grid acts as a map where techUK members can derive value, from building networks and Developing markets, to reducing business costs and risks.

15 Central Government

16 techUK – Technology for Government #3PP techUK 3 Point Plan - To transform public services 1.Better Engagement 2.Better Information 3.More Innovation Securing Britain’s Digital Future.

17 Concept Viability

18 Innovation Den

19 |#techuk So, how can Academia fit into techUK?


21 Developing relationships between Academia and Commercial Partners Participating and Inputting into horizon scanning and preparatory work on future technology platform developments Open innovation scouting. Matching industry IP and product development with the commercial divisions of academia Building networks and relationships with key players within the UK technology company landscape Understanding the challenges and opportunities facing the technology industry with an opportunity to partner for mutual benefit

22 High Growth Programme Areas Internet of Things and M2M connectivity MedTech/ HealthTech Cloud and Big Data Cyber Security Communications Infrastructures

23 Broader Industry Challenges Securing the future skilled workforce. Eskills Improving the gender balance. Women in Tech Supporting SME growth. Scale-Ups Improving SME access to Public Sector procurement

24 Local Government

25 Health and Social Care

26 Defence

27 Justice and Emergency Services

28 National Security

29 Cyber Security

30 Business Services

31 Communications Infrastructure

32 Communications Infrastructure – Spectrum Policy Forum

33 Data Centres

34 Digital Devices and Services

35 Financial Services and Payments

36 Smart Energy and Utilities

37 Big Data and Analytics

38 Cloud and Mobile

39 Internet of Things

40 Satellite Applications and Services

41 Environment & Compliance

42 Connect with techUK @techuk #techuk 0207 331 2000 Paul Hide COO 0207 331 2193

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