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Canada’s Economic Powerhouse Telecom Mission to India Akhil Tyagi December 5, 2014.

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1 Canada’s Economic Powerhouse Telecom Mission to India Akhil Tyagi December 5, 2014

2 2 International Trade Branch

3 3 International Trade Branch – Mandate Assist Ontario firms to begin exporting or expand into new markets by providing:  1:1 market consulting  Export education  Lead identification and commercial intelligence  Business-to-business matchmaking Assist Ontario firms to accelerate along the ‘ learning curve ’ and compete successfully in international markets by:  Matching Ontario export capabilities to market opportunities  Identifying new customers for Ontario exporters  Providing guidance on outbound investment (CDIA)  Organizing customized programs in key markets  Providing advocacy services

4 4 International Trade Branch – Mandate Showcase Ontario's products and services internationally  Ontario pavilions at key international & regional exhibitions  Lead signature missions led by Premier/Ministers Build a ‘ global mindset ’ at the community level Most Programs/Activities are delivered in partnership with key stakeholders

5 5 Organization Three geographic sections: United States and European Union (US & EU) China, Japan, South Korea, Russia/CIS, Middle East, Latin America India, S/Southeast Asia, Africa, Int’l Financial Institutions, Special Projects 18 International Market Consultants: Geographic focus – breadth and depth of market expertise Priority sectors targeted within each priority market Multilingual capabilities (14 languages) Community Exporter Development – Debbie Walker 4 contracted in-market trade development representatives (ITDR) located in Mexico, Brazil, Chile and UAE

6 6 Target Markets A balance of developed…  USA  European Union  Japan  South Korea  Australia …and emerging markets  China  India  Brazil  Chile  Mexico  Russia  Turkey  Gulf States  ASEAN (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam)

7 7 Priority Sectors  Aerospace  Advanced Manufacturing  Automotive  Construction / Infrastructure  Environment / Renewable Energy  Information and Communication Technology  Life Sciences  Business & professional services The target sectors differ by priority market

8 8 Ontario’s global network International Trade Development Representatives (ITDRs): International Marketing Centres (IMCs): International Business Development Representatives (IBDRs): US, EU, Asia Chile, Brazil, Mexico, UAE China (2), Germany, France, India, Japan, Mexico, UK, US (2) o  o o o USA South America EU India China Japan o o o o    Mexico o o o

9 9 Thank You For any further information please contact: Akhil Tyagi Area Director-South Asia International Trade and Marketing Division Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation Telephone: (416) 3272371 E-mail:

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