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Need for education on sexual relationships and consent in context of sexualisation and prevalence of pornography, added dimensions of social media, societal.

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2 Need for education on sexual relationships and consent in context of sexualisation and prevalence of pornography, added dimensions of social media, societal myths around issues relating to sexual violence etc. Prevention Workers based in Rape Crisis centres around Scotland to develop local strategic approaches to sexual violence prevention, and to deliver interventions to young people around healthy sexual relationships using the prevention pack. Background to the prevention project

3 Areas funded by the project Aberdeen Dumfries & Galloway Dundee & Angus East Ayrshire Edinburgh Fife Lanarkshire Scottish Borders Western Isles Highland There are also prevention projects at centres in Argyll and Bute and Glasgow which have been running for a number of years.

4 What the pack covers Topics Consent Gender What is sexual violence? Sexualisation (and pornography – older groups) Social media How can we help prevent sexual violence? Impacts of sexual violence and support needs Sessions adapted for S1-2 S3-4 S5-6 Age 18-25 Provides a range of materials with adaptations for different age groups so that centres can develop programmes appropriate to the needs of local areas, schools and other partner agencies

5 A Curriculum for Excellence: Outcomes and Experiences I understand the importance of being cared for and caring for others in relationships, and can explain why. HWB 3-44a / HWB 4-44a I understand my own body’s uniqueness, my developing sexuality, and that of others. HWB 3-47a / HWB 4-47a I understand and can explain the importance of, and need for, commitment, trust and respect in loving and sexual relationships. I understand the different contexts of such relationships including marriage. HWB 3-44c / HWB 4-44c Using what I have learned I am able to make informed decisions and choices that promote and protect my own and others’ sexual health and wellbeing. HWB 3-47b / HWB 4-47b I recognise that power can exist within relationships and can be used positively as well as negatively. HWB 3-45a / HWB 4- 45a I know how to access services, information and support if my sexual health and wellbeing is at risk. I am aware of my rights in relation to sexual health including my right to confidentiality, and my responsibilities, including those under the law. HWB 3-48a / HWB 4-48a I reflect on how my attitudes, beliefs, values and morality can influence my decisions about friendships, relationships and sexual behaviour. HWB 3-46a / HWB 4-46a I know how to manage situations concerning my sexual health and wellbeing and am learning to understand what is appropriate sexual behaviour. HWB 3-49a / HWB 4-49a I know that popular culture, the media and peer pressure can influence how I feel about myself and the impact this may have on my actions. HWB 3-46b / HWB 4-46b I know where to get support and help with situations involving abuse and I understand that there are laws which protect me from different kinds of abuse. HWB 3-49b / HWB 4-49b I am developing skills for making decisions about my relationships and sexual behaviour. I am able to apply these to situations that may be challenging or difficult. HWB 3-46c / HWB 4-46c

6 Outcomes Rape Crisis outcomes link to most of Curriculum for Excellence Experiences and Outcomes: Health and Wellbeing Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood. Some examples: I know more about how people blame victims/survivors of sexual violence and how this might affect them I know more about how men can help stop violence I will be more likely to be careful about distributing other people's personal information and photos I will probably be more critical of unrealistic body images in adverts and the media I know where to go for support following sexual violence or abuse I understand more about the importance of sexual partners respecting each other's feelings and wishes I understand more clearly what counts as sexual violence and what the law says

7 Exploring consent: Agree or disagree?

8 Gender and expectations around sexual behaviour

9 Impacts of sexual violence

10 The Prevention Pack  Teachers & youth workers view resource as relevant, engaging and age-appropriate  They like the fact that it tackles issues of concern e.g. social media  98% of teachers and youth workers agreed or strongly agreed that materials had clear links to Curriculum for Excellence  Prevention workers positive about the pack and have confidence in it  This has helped ensure consistency of delivery

11 What young people learned

12 Changing knowledge is easier than changing behaviour….

13 Changes in knowledge after 3 sessions

14 Longer term learning – what young people told us  Young people often remembered the visual/media related things – the video clips & song lyrics  The law and consent  That support is available  Often initially claimed not to have learned much – then gave lots of examples

15 What teachers thought about the sessions  99% of teachers thought sessions well planned & organised Advance planning has been great – communication via email or phone. She always got back if there was anything to discuss  97% of those who’d been present at a session thought the young people were engaged She has that thing that just draws the pupils in. There was a girl today who read out in class. She would never read out in class – she hates speaking out with a passion.

16 What issues relating to sexual violence are you aware of, which affect young people in school settings or elsewhere? What’s needed to address these? What’s already happening? Female genital mutilation Taking/ sharing sexual images without consent Taking/ sharing sexual images without consent




20 Resources Zero Tolerance Respect Pack for secondary schools A comprehensive resource for teachers and youth workers on respect in relationships. The Line The Line talks about what’s black and white, as well as helping you navigate those grey areas, so you can enjoy healthy and respectful relationships and recognise behaviour that ‘crosses the line’. List of educational resources addressing VAWG being compiled by National VAW MAP coordinator – keep in touch

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