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Eaton’s Alcohol, Drug, & Substance

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1 Eaton’s Alcohol, Drug, & Substance

2 What is Eaton’s Alcohol & Drug Policy?
The manufacture, distribution, dispensation, purchase, possession, sale or use of illegal drugs or alcohol on Company premises, in Company-owned, leased or rented vehicles, or while engaged in Company business is prohibited Also prohibited under the same conditions are individuals under the effects of illegal drugs, alcohol or other unauthorized controlled substances while on Company premises or when providing services to the Company This policy applies to employees, contingent workforce, suppliers and visitors

3 Disciplinary Actions WILL be Taken to those who Violate the Policy
Employees reasonably suspected by the Company to have violated this policy may be referred for testing, medical evaluation and/or be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination Alcohol may be authorized for special social functions; however, the Facility Manager and the Human Resources Manager must approve such functions. Measures will be taken to help ensure employee safety and minimize liability, such as providing designated drivers or alternative transportation and limiting the amount and duration that alcohol is served Eaton assists employees with drug or alcohol abuse issues who self-identify or voluntarily seek assistance before they are found to be in violation of this policy

4 What is Eaton’s Tobacco-Free Policy
The use of tobacco products (including cigarettes, cigars, pipes, smokeless tobacco, smokeless non-tobacco chew, electronic cigarettes, or other tobacco products and tobacco imitation products) is prohibited at all times: Smoking is prohibited on Eaton Grounds & there should be no tobacco anywhere on the grounds Within 20 meters (50 feet) of building entrances and exits of leased facilities (including facilities not under full control of Eaton) Employees may leave for breaks/lunches Adherence to this policy is the responsibility of every Eaton employee and applies to all visitors, vendors, and contractors. Employees in breach of this policy will be subject to disciplinary actions, up to and including dismissal.

5 Want to Quit Smoking? As part of Eaton’s Wellness Initiative, comprehensive education and employee assistance programs are available to employees to help them quit both smoking and smokeless tobacco This free treatment program offers the one-on-one support and resources employees need to lead a tobacco-free life Smoking cessation programs are also available through the EAP for you and your family. If interested, come see HR or call (Employee Assistance Program) for more details

6 We All Have a Responsibility
For the safety of you, your co-workers, and the employees themselves, it is vital that substance abuse issues are brought to the attention of your supervisor or the HR department Utilize the Eaton EAP (Employee Assistance Program) for assistance with drug or alcohol addiction The Eaton EAP program also provides resources, referral and counseling services on: (1) work/life management (2) finances (3) mental health (4) professional assistance (5) legal (6) childcare & elder care (7) concierge services The EAP program can be reached through the Pay & Benefits site on JOE or by phone at

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