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1 The New Primary National Curriculum St Helen’s CE Primary School.

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1 1 The New Primary National Curriculum St Helen’s CE Primary School

2 By the time a pupil leaves St Helen’s CE Primary school… … what type of person would you want her/him to be? © Curriculum Foundation

3 3 Key messages about the primary curriculum 2014 The National Curriculum will: act as a new benchmark for all schools be slim, clear and authoritative set out only the essential knowledge and understanding have a greater focus on subject content outline what children should expect to know in core subjects allow a greater degree of freedom in how knowledge might be acquired and what other teaching should complement the core knowledge continue to inform the design and content of assessment at the end of Key Stage 2

4 The national curriculum provides pupils with an introduction to the essential knowledge that they need to be educated citizens. It introduces pupils to the best that has been thought and said; and helps engender an appreciation of human creativity and achievement. The school curriculum in England Aims

5 The national curriculum is just one element in the education of every child. There is time and space in the school day and in each week, term and year to range beyond the national curriculum specifications. The national curriculum provides an outline of core knowledge around which teachers can develop exciting and stimulating lessons to promote the development of pupils’ knowledge, understanding and skills as part of the wider school curriculum.

6 Maintained schools in England are legally required to follow the statutory national curriculum which sets out in programmes of study, on the basis of key stages, subject content for those subjects that should be taught to all pupils. All schools must publish their school curriculum by subject and academic year online. All schools should make provision for personal, social, health and economic education (PSHE), drawing on good practice. Schools are also free to include other subjects or topics of their choice in planning and designing their own programme of education.

7 7 has to put the learner at the centre. In this changing world we know that education

8 IMPLEMENT Compliance or growth? GROW

9 9 Key skills: Working with others Communication Problem solving ICT Application of number Improving own learning and performance Thinking skills: Reasoning Enquiry Creative thinking Information processing Evaluation

10 10 Personal, social and emotional development and its impact on learning Self awareness Managing feelings Motivation Empathy Social skills

11 11 The learning environment and its impact on learning Creating a positive ethos Establishing classroom routines The physical environment

12 12 The outstanding curriculum offers… A nourishing and appetising feast that will sustain learners and meet their needs Provides memorable experiences

13 13 question and challenge If we want our pupils to engage in learning we must make opportunities for them to: make connections and see relationships envisage what might be play with ideas, keep options open represent ideas in a variety of ways evaluate effects of ideas and actions

14 14 Fire pupils' imagination through giving pupils first-hand experiences through visits and contact with creative people Using stimulating starting points such as artefacts, problems, stories with human interest, topical events making activities relevant to pupils' lives building on what pupils find interesting and have already experienced both in and out of school looking for opportunities to encourage pupils to apply their prior learning creatively giving pupils opportunities to reflect on and share personal experiences and feelings

15 15 The richness of the curriculum in schools and, in particular, the achievements in the arts, contribute strongly to the development of pupils’ imagination and the creative use of media and materials. The growth of pupils’ self-confidence, which these achievements inspire help them to tackle more challenging work and develop a more positive attitude towards school.” The Curriculum in Successful Primary Schools, Ofsted :


17 creative makes connections questioning communicates well confident takes risks thirst for knowledge curious generates ideas flexible compassionate persevering listens and reflects critical self-editing skilled shaper literate willing to have a go thinks for themselves shows initiative gets on well with others makes a difference acts with integrity self-esteem respectful ‘can do’ attitude learns from mistakes independent There is no right answer but your description undoubtedly includes some of the following: loves learning © Curriculum Foundation

18 18 The outstanding curriculum offers… A nourishing and appetising feast that will sustain learners and meet their needs Provides memorable experiences

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