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Security Offering. Cyber Security Solutions 2 Assessment Analysis & Planning Design & Architecture Development & Implementation O&M Critical Infrastructure.

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1 Security Offering

2 Cyber Security Solutions 2 Assessment Analysis & Planning Design & Architecture Development & Implementation O&M Critical Infrastructure Security Systems Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity for Networks The Security Life Cycles Solutions/Services Families

3 Cyber CIP – Offerings – Summary Full life cycle offerings Consulting – Assessments, analysis Threat, vulnerability assessment, which includes a range of activities from network mapping through penetration testing (both physical and cyber) Security assessment (policy, process, procedure, technology, controls, etc.) Security risk analysis and management Certification and accreditation against relevant standards, regulations, industry best practices Incident response – forensic investigation, remediation activities, recovery and continuity Cyber solutions development and implementation Network engineering and architecture, security architecture, design and implementation tailored to individual customer needs, requirements and budgets Develop solutions and test in realistic simulation of customer environment against real world threats Cyber defense operations Implementation of solution in customer enterprise Provide trained, accredited staff for cyber defense operations in customer enterprise – all aspects of defense operation available including real time and continuous monitoring, incident identification and analysis, response and continuity planning and operation 3

4 ICS Overlay & RMF Implementation The Risk Management Framework

5 Converged Security Enterprise 5 Facilities & EnvironmentalSituational Awareness Physical Security Integrated Command and Control Crisis Management Systems Monitoring Event Correlation Risk Management Incident Monitoring Threat / Vulnerability Analysis ICAM Solutions PSIM Solutions  Policy and Strategy  Planning  Cost / Benefit Analysis  Intelligence  Public Safety  Continuity of Operations  Emergency Planning  Integrated Electronic Security Systems  Access Control  Perimeter Intrusion Detection  Asset Management  Alerting / Notification Systems  Video Surveillance  Audio Surveillance  Vehicle Tracking  Emergency Response Resources  NOC, SOC, NOSC, CERT Operations  Access and Authorization  Firewalls and IDS  HBSS  Network Monitoring  Vulnerability / IAVA  Incident Handling  Forensic Investigation  Response capability  Fire, Life, Safety Systems  Building Control Systems  HVAC  Lighting  Sensor Systems  CBRNE Systems  Power Metering Systems  SCADA Systems  ICS Systems  Manufacturing / Production  Process Control Systems Cyber Security Critical Control Systems Converged Security

6 Key Capabilities Identity, Credentialing, Access Management (ICAM) Systems Integrated Electronic Security Systems Integrated Enterprise Physical Security Systems – Full Lifecycle HSPD-12 Certified Integrator Integrated Security Operations Control (PSIM) Threat / Vulnerability Assessments & Mitigation Cloud Computing Large High Performance Network Implementation and Operations Data Center Modernization Migration & Enterprise Virtualization NOC / SOC Operations & Management End-to-End Cyber Defense Operations Computer Emergency Response Team Operations Certification & Accreditation of Cyber Systems Cyber Policy Development and Implementation Cyber Threat Identification, Analysis and Mitigation Network Design, Engineering & Development Network Research & Development Key Functional Skills Company Proprietary 6

7 Industrial Control Systems Security 7 Protecting Mission-Critical Facilities Protecting ICS and SCADA Protecting IT Infrastructure - Cyber Enclave

8 Parsons Cyber Solutions Center 8

9 The Cyber Solutions Center 9  Emulate customer systems - model networks, ICS, SCADA systems  Simulate operation  Identify vulnerabilities  Introduce attacks and malevolent events  Demonstrate consequences  Introduce security solutions/optimize/demonstrate  Test solutions, configuration changes, hardware and software and provides understanding prior to installing on operational system  Enables solutions development for specific needs.  Provides certification/accreditation testing without placing operational systems at risk  Environment to create and mature cyber security initiatives, technology, processes and solutions Demonstration not Estimation

10 So what?  Why should you care? Principal need: deliver service, stay in business, satisfy consumer/citizen Security enables service delivery in spite of the threat environment Not a “nice to have” but assurance that threats – intentional or accidental – will not marginalize, constrain, or damage your business  Customers/citizens have an expectation of service and a secure environment 10

11 Thank You 11 Phil Lacombe – 703-678-3597 Mark McIntosh – 571-221-2881

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