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Recruitment & Selection

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1 Recruitment & Selection

Job Description Job Specification RECRUITMENT

3 The process of discovering potential candidates
Recruitment The process of generating a pool of qualified candidates for a particular job Or The process of discovering potential candidates

4 Recruitment Goals Attract the qualified applicants
Encourage Unqualified applicants to self-select themselves out

5 Recruitment is a Two way street
Organization is looking for a qualified applicants Recruitment Applicants are looking for the potential emplacement opportunities

6 Strategic Recruiting Decisions
Budgeting Strategic Recruiting Recruiting Source Choices: Internal vs. External Regular vs. Flexible Staffing Organizational-Based vs. Outsourcing

7 Sources of Recruitment

8 Internal Recruiting Sources
Internal Sources Promotions and Transfers Re-recruiting former Employees & Applicants Organizational Data base Job Posting Internal Recruiting Sources Employee focused Referrals

9 Internal Sources Advantages Disadvantages Employee & Employer relation
Build moral Cheaper Know your candidate better Already Socialization Miss Good outside Talent No New Ideas Need for more trainings for enhancing Skills & Technology

10 Media Sources and Job Fairs External Recruiting Sources
Placement Agencies Schools colleges & universities Media Sources and Job Fairs External Recruiting Sources Professional organizations Unsolicited Applications Employee Leasing

11 External Recruiting Advantages Disadvantages New Ideas Spark
Can handle rapid Growth Get people with updated Knowledge, education and training Shakeup the organization Expensive Time consuming Hiring Mistake Reduce promotion Opportunities

12 Internet Recruiting Methods
Job Boards Internet Recruiting Methods Employer Web Sites

13 Internet Recruiting Methods
Advantages Disadvantages Cost savings Time savings Expanded pool of applicants More unqualified applicants Additional work for HR staff members Many applicants are not seriously seeking employment Access limited or unavailable to some applicants

14 Recruiting Evaluation
Quantity of applicants `As the goal of a good recruitment program is to generate a large pool of applicants from which to choose, quantity is a natural place to begin evaluation Quality of applicants In addition to quantity, the issue arises as to whether or not the qualifications of the applicant pool are sufficient to fill the job openings. Do the applicants meet job specification and do they perform the jobs well after hire? Yield ratios A comparison of the number of applicants at one stage of the recruiting process to the number at the next stage.

15 Constraints on Recruitment
Image of the company Attractiveness of Job Internal Organizational Policy Recruitment Cost

Job Specification RECRUITMENT Job Description SELECTION

17 Selection Effective selection benefits to an organization
The Process of making a “Hire” or “No Hire” decision regarding each applicant for a job Selection is the process of choosing qualified individuals who are available to fill the positions in organization Effective selection benefits to an organization It can improve the effectiveness of other human resource practices and prevent numerous problems. For example; motivated employees who fit with the organizational culture can reduce disciplinary problems and diminish costs associated with replacing employees who quit.

18 Basic Selection Criteria
Education Competencies Experiences Knowledge, Skills, Abilities Personality, Interest, performance Other characteristic essentials to job performance

19 The Selection Process Initial screening Passed Employment test
Completed application Medical/physical examination if required (conditional job offer Comprehensive interview Employment test Permanent job offer Reject Applicant Background Examination if required Conditional job offer Passed Able to perform essential elements of job Fail to meet minimum qualification Failed to complete job application or failed job specification Failed Test Failed to impress interviewer and / meet job expectations Problem encountered Unfit to do essential elements of job The Selection Process

20 RED FLAG Warning sign that may require further investigation.
The gaps in employment Vague answers Vague reasons for leaving jobs Lack of employment history Inconsistence in salary history When all employer listed out of business

21 Common Interviewing Mistakes
Stereotyping Halo Effect and Horn Effect Contrast Effect Pressure to hire Non-Verbal Expressions

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