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2 STEP 1: SURVEY Examine all the pictures, graphs, charts, and headings
Create a one sentence hypothesis about what you will learn in this section of the book

3 STEP 2: QUESTION Find the first heading.
Turn that heading into an inquiry based question using How or Why

4 STEP 3: READ Read the part of the section under the heading only
Now review your inquiry based question you wrote

5 STEP 4: RESPOND Answer you inquiry based question for this part of the section Your answer should be well written using correct punctuation and spelling Repeat the process as necessary

6 STEP 5: SUMMARIZE Now that you have finished reading and responding to the questions for this section, write a summary that reflects at least 4 of the main things you learned. This should be in the form of a well written paragraph. “In this section, I learned many new and useful things. One thing I learned was…”

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