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Global Contexts Week 9.

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1 Global Contexts Week 9

2 Objective SWBAT determine the global context through which to focus their Personal Project on. Upcoming dates: Second Evidence Check due 11/14 in ELO

3 What are the Global Contexts?
Identities and relationships Orientation in space and time Personal and cultural expression Scientific and technical innovation Globalization and sustainability Fairness and development

4 Why are the Global Contexts important?
Help to understand independent and shared inquiry (questioning) into our lives as humans and the relationship with the planet or globe. You must choose one global context that describes why your Personal Project matters The choice of your global context will shift the perspective of your project (see example)

5 Personal Project Example
Topic: Rap as a music genera Global context Example Identity and relationships Examine the question, “Why does rap speak to me?” Orientation in space and time Explore the development of rap as a style of music across continents Personal and cultural expression Perform a rap song for peers and have a question-and-answer session

6 Process Journal Write In a paragraph, identify one global context to describe why your Personal Project matters. Think about: What do you want to achieve through your personal project? What do you want others to understand? What impact do you want your project to have? How can you give a specific context to give greater purpose to your project?

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