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Pre Industrial Families

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1 Pre Industrial Families

2 Pre Industrial Family A hetero-sexual married couple
Raising ten or more children Families would work and make money to finance their survival Marriage was considered an economic necessity

3 Life in a Pre-Industrial Family
Not made to be loving or nurturing Bound together by mutual consent Members of the family played different roles than families today

4 Critique of a Pre-industrial Family
Female members of the family may view this era as unfair No room for progression Gender laws did not allow for women to have many opportunities.

5 Families Today Gay Marriages are legal Marriage is based on love
Children are not required to work Families are smaller Adoption/Abortion are now options

6 Changes in Men Men are not always the primary money maker.
Fathers are at an older age More men living at home More job options (aside from farming) Men are less dominant in relationships

7 Changes in Women Women have more freedom More job options
Higher ranking in society More options for women (abortion, marriage, dating, etc.) Less house wives

8 Functions of a Pre-Industrial Family
New members of a family benefited Canadian society by stimulating economic growth High death rate made it necessary to raise up a dozen children Mothers taught daughters domestic activities Fathers would teach sons manual labor Families raised their children strictly to work Father was the head of the family Each individual family played an important role in society The men were raised to work and make money Women were raised to protect their family and territory

9 Functions of the Pre-Industrial Family
Pre-Industrial families did not fulfill all six of the functions Instead of assuming affective nurturance, relationships were based on what could be provided for one another. Each family produced all the goods and services it consumed and only used what it could produce. Nowadays, families will use the goods and services of others

10 Key Reasons to Study Families
Important to Understand: How gender roles have changed How the role of children and concept of childhood have changed Economic factors

11 Specific To Pre-Industrial Families
Pre-Industrial families are the beginning of modern families Pre-industrial families can be seen in early Canadian history

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