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Anytime, Anywhere, Compliance. InductNow – Automated Online Induction.

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1 Anytime, Anywhere, Compliance

2 InductNow – Automated Online Induction

3 About InductNow InductNow is the most comprehensive and affordable online induction platform in the eLearning market. The multi-award winning platform is used by Federal and State Governments, major corporations, Not-for-Profit entities and a wide range of SMEs.

4 Dashboards

5 Intuitive Customised Login Pages

6 Intuitive Staff | Contractor Dashboard

7 Intuitive Course Interface

8 Intuitive Manager Dashboard

9 Intuitive HR Administrator Dashboard

10 Features

11 Create Unlimited Training Groups

12 The Power of the Training Group For each Training Group you can assign: 1.A specific set of courses and events 2.News and safety alerts 3.Policies and key documents 4.Different corporate branding 5.A custom certificate

13 Publish Policies, Documents and News

14 Personalised Certificates

15 Automated Personal Training Record

16 Visual and Data Compliance Reports

17 Secure Management of Learner Data

18 Course Re-Induction and Expiry Settings Automated controls to add an expiry and re-induction process to a course. There is also the option to send email alerts for the expiry and re- induction settings

19 PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Tablet & Smartphone

20 Content and Courses

21 We Build Your Courses Mediasphere’s highly experienced content development team can build your online courses and modules. Our team includes: Instructional designers Animators and simulators Adobe Captivate developers Actors and voice-over talent Video Production SCORM developers The team can build courses to suit all budgets. Contact us to view a range of sample courses.

22 License Our Courses Mediasphere offers clients a range of compliant workplace courses. A selection of the course titles include: Workplace Bullying Working with Hazardous Chemicals Working at Heights Workplace Health & Safety Manual Handling Fire Emergency Course Working in Confined Spaces Fatigue Management Course Contact us on 1300 787 611 for details

23 Build Your Own Courses InductNow allows you to easily create and publish your own online courses. Use the Course Editor to upload documents, add text, images, animations, video and audio. Add Tests to your courses and use question banks and randomise responses Add pass rates and no. of attempts Add expiry and re-induction dates that trigger email reminders Export / Import SCORM courses Duplicate courses instantly Allow learners to download courses as PDFs Create unlimited courses on your portal

24 Build Courses Training Videos

25 Contractor Induction

26 Self-Registration of Contractors Simplify the management of your company’s compliance process by utilizing our range of automated features. 42 Automated registration of contractor business owners Business Registration.  Automated registration of contractor and creation induction account Contractor Registration Contractor Onboarding Automated upload of contractor licenses, insurances and documents Contractor Re- Induction Automated re- induction on selected courses with email reminders Business Certification Annual business re- certification with digital signatures Contractor Reporting Automated real- time visual and date export reports

27 Contractor Business Registration Allows you to register all contractor businesses Collects a range of data-sets on your business Contractors then register themselves as working for the business

28 Business Re-Certification Compels the contracting businesses to re-register annually They sign digital signatures to remain compliant and agree to your conditions All details are stored in your database

29 Contractor Registration Contractor searches and locates their business name Contractor completes their registration Form is customised to meet your business requirements Data is stored directly in your database

30 Contractor On-Boarding Contractor uploads all of their relevant licenses and documents They add the expiry date for each Admin can generate reports to track this information

31 Comprehensive Contractor Reports

32 Staff Induction

33 Staff Learner Dashboard The dashboard features: Streaming news and alerts Access to assigned courses Access to Certificates Access to Bulletins Access to Policies and key documents Access to My Training Record Access to Recently Viewed Courses Option to start and resume courses Option to view visual progress bar for each course Access Course Categories Access to Events and Webinars

34 Staff Induction – Course Interface

35 Staff Induction Certificates My Certificates provides instant access to: All completed courses Certificates which can printed or saved offline Access to my responses in each test Access to my compliance result

36 Staff Policies and Key Documents The Document Library provides access to: All Policies and Procedures that have been assigned to the training group The option to view, print or download the documents All major file types including PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JPG, PNG, etc

37 Staff News and Safety Bulletins News and Safety Bulletins provides access to: All news stories that have been assigned to the training group The option to read more and view, text, images, audio and streamed video in each news item The module also has the option to email all users latest users when it is first published

38 Dynamic Training Record My Training Record provides access to: The list of all courses completed by the learner Hyperlinked certificates to allow them to be downloaded in one place The ability for the learner to view their training record The ability for the learner to view previous years training records

39 Add External Training Activities My Training Record (external activities) provides access to: Add external training activities to the Training Record Add dates, titles and a file upload to validate the training File Upload Approval Module in Admin

40 Suite of Compliance Reports

41 Online Visitor Induction

42 InductNow provides the total management solution for your automated online Visitor Induction program. The platform can be delivered on: Visitor induction kiosk All Internet kiosks that are located in your offices and work sites An iPad or tablet located at your reception desk A computer connected to a printer A visitor’s iPhone, smartphone or iPad

43 Visitor Login Dashboard The InductNow Visitor Login Page is customised with your business logo and company styleguide to present a highly professional portal to your visitors View the visitor welcome and login page

44 Visitor Sign-In Fields The InductNow Visitor Registration allows you to provide online registration and automated access to the visitor pass. The platform also includes the option to create a specific visitor induction and assign this to the visitor registration process.

45 Visitor Passes and Induction Courses After the visitor has signed in they have instant access to the Visitor Induction Course There is also the option to link your Visitor Induction Platform to a printer to print instant visitor passes

46 Maximise your ROI

47 Streamline Reduce your administration workload when you move your induction training online. Savings Minimise cost by eliminating the need for venue based training, travel, staff and paperwork. Automation Automate registration, reports, re- inductions and email alerts as part of your staff and contractor compliance process. Tracking View real-time visual and data compliance reports of staff and contractors, anytime, anywhere. Maximise Your ROI on Your InductNow Induction Platform

48 10 Ways InductNow Maximises Your ROI

49 Hosting and Support

50 Hosting Data Security and Support The InductNow platform is hosted on Rackspace secure server in Australia and we have the capacity to deliver your training to all countries The InductNow platform includes a 365/24 Service Level Agreement with mandated response and resolution times The Mediasphere team provide phone and email support from our technical; team based in Australia Our Mediasphere team provide a production and development site for your portal include Govt standard security, data back-up and disaster recovery service

51 Technical Services Mediasphere provides a wide range of technical services to deliver a complete data-base, security and training services: Application of your SSL Certificate to your live site API /webservice integration with your HRIS or staff database Build of custom registration forms on the portal Integration of LDAP (Active Directory Integration) Integration of Single Sign-On to streamline learner login Additional Home Pages for different user types Application of additional stylesheets as part of the Branding Module


53 InductNow License Costs, Quotes and Free Trials Please visit the following links: 2015 Pricing Get a Quote Custom Quote Free Trial Call 1300 787 611 to chat with our team

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