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Operations Section.

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1 Operations Section

2 Organization Incident Commander Operations Planning Logistics Finance/
Administration Public Information Liaison Safety

3 Who Does What? Finance/Admin: Conducts any needed cost analyses.
Command: Develops incident objectives. Ensures Safety Analysis is completed. Approves IAP. Incident Commander Operations Section Planning Section Logistics Section Finance/Admin Section Operations: Establishes strategies and tactics to meet incident objectives. Planning: Provides status reports, manages the planning process, and produces the IAP. Logistics: Identifies the logistics requirements to support the tactics.

4 ICS/IMS/NIMS Command and General Staff Local or Letter of Delegation
Operations runs 24hrs Day and night shifts

5 Operations Chief Mission
Member of the General Staff. Responsible for the management of all operations directly applicable to the primary mission. The Operations Section Chief activates and supervises organization elements in accordance with the Incident Action Plan and directs its execution.

6 Deputy Operations Chief Mission
An assistant to the Operations Chief Works closely with Planning Section Often is assigned to the Command post as an available contact for Operations. Ensures that all paperwork is complete Maybe more than one depending on incident size


8 Operation Section Chief Role
Obtain a briefing from the Incident Commander Incident objectives Status of current tactical assignments Identify current organization, resource location, assignments Organize Section Operational efficiency Personal safety Span of control Determine need and request additional resources (ICS Form 215)

9 Operations Section Chief Role
Attend Tactics Meetings with Planning, Safety, IC prior to Planning Meeting to discuss tactics & outline organizational assignments. Attend the Planning Meetings (Deputy Ops Chief) Provide situation updates to Planning (Needs) Resource assignments Contingency plan Attend the Operations Brief and assign Operations Section Personnel in accordance with the Incident Action Plan Make assignments (ICS Form 215)

10 Operations Section Chief Role
Maintain Resource Unit up to date on changes in resource status Ensure Safety & Rehab and crew need are being met On the line During rehab Review suggested list of resources to be released and initiate recommendation for release of resources Assemble and Disassemble Strike Teams Assigned to Operations Section Resource

11 Operations Section Chief Role
Report Information About Special Activities, Events, and Occurrences to Incident Commander Maintain Unit/Activity Log (ICS Form 214)

12 Tactics Meeting IC, Operations, Safety, Planning and Logistics
Determine operational goals for next operational period Determine resources necessary – Operations resource needs. Triple check requests before submission.

13 Planning Meeting All Command and General Staff
Finalize plans for next operational period Planning will establish deadlines for documents and requests.

14 Other Operations Meetings
Operations Strategy Daily Operations Debrief Unit Leaders Team Section Meetings Team Closeout Transition Meetings

15 Operational Briefing Planning is responsible for:
Enough copies for each unit Maps large enough to see Operations Presentation Be precise Questions after briefing in divisions or groups Only Division or Group Leaders attend meeting Further Operations information is given out to Division(s) or Group(s) immediately after the briefing.

16 Sample Operations Briefing Agenda (1 of 2)
Agenda Item Who Introduction and Welcome Planning Section Chief Review of Incident Objectives Incident Commander Review of Current Incident/ Objective Status Operations Section Chief Technical Specialists (as necessary) Incident Boundaries, Branch/Division Locations, and Group Assignments

17 Sample Operations Briefing Agenda (2 of 2)
Agenda Item Who Review of Division/Group Assignments (ICS 204) Operations Section Chief Review of Safety Issues, Safety Message Safety Officer Logistics (Communications and Medical Plans) Logistics Section Chief (Communications Unit Leader/Medical Unit Leader) Closing Remarks Incident Commander Conclusion Planning Section Chief

18 Forms and Supporting Documents: Overview
Assignment List ICS 204 Organization Assignment List ICS 203 Incident Comm. Plan ICS 205 Incident Objectives ICS 202 Incident Medical Plan ICS 206 IAP Cover Sheet Safety Messages, Maps, Forecasts

19 Operations Forms Incident Objectives (202) Organizational Chart (203)
General but obtainable from IC Operational Emphasis Safety Organizational Chart (203) Assembled by Planning Assignment Lists (204) From Operations and Resource List of resources to each group, division, branch Work Assignments

20 Operations Forms Operations Planning Worksheet (215) Unit Log (214)
Identifies resource needs Total resource count Assigns work assignments Unit Log (214) Tracks who & position Documents activities

21 ICS 215

22 ICS 204

23 ICS 214

24 ICS 211

25 Classroom Exercise Create an incident simulating a multi-alarm incident in a medical facility for your jurisdiction and complete the following forms: Use the provided materials to complete the following forms. ICS 215 (Operational Planning Worksheet) ICS 204 (Assignment) ICS 214 (Unit Log)

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