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The Constitutional Governments Vocabulary Matching quiz

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1 The Constitutional Governments Vocabulary Matching quiz
Answers to the Worksheet for Review

2 O. Checks of the Legislative Branch
The Legislative Branch has power of approval over all of the treaties enacted by the President, all of the appointments he makes to major positions in the government, and all of the Supreme Court nominees he presents. The Legislative Branch has the power to override a Presidential veto with a two-thirds majority vote. The Legislative Branch can impeach other members of the government who have committed “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

3 J. Reserved Powers

4 F. The Judicial Branch

5 A. The Articles of Confederation

6 C. The Preamble to the Constitution

7 E. The Executive Branch

8 B. The Constitution

9 G. Amendments

10 P. Checks of the Judicial Branch
Constitutionality of laws passed by Congress or Executive Orders of the President are determined by the nine justices of the Supreme Court.

11 I. Federalism

12 N. Checks of the Executive Branch
The Executive Branch of the Government has several checks over both the legislature and the judicial branches. The President can call Congress into special session, and veto any laws which they create. He or she also has the power to appoint judges to the Supreme Court.

13 M. System of Checks and Balances

14 H. Ratification

15 J. Concurrent Powers

16 D. The Legislative Branch

17 L. The Separation of Powers

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