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Social Work Reference Center Tutorial

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1 Social Work Reference Center Tutorial

2 Social Work Reference Center™ (SWRC) is a turnkey information resource designed to support social workers and mental health professionals at the point of care. SWRC assists by increasing speed and accuracy of decisions based on the most current evidence, improving safety by reinforcing competencies, and providing patients with patient information materials. In this tutorial, we will look at how to search and browse for the various resources available within SWRC, as well as accessing Continuing Education Modules.

3 From the Home screen, there are several browsing options available. Select one of the featured Quick Lessons or Evidence-Based Care Sheets in the carousel or click a link in the Browse box to browse for materials in one of several available categories including Diseases and Conditions, Practices and Skills, and Assessment Tools.

4 When browsing a category in SWRC, enter your terms and click Browse. Click on a result in the list to open the record for your selected item.

5 Click a link in the Trending Topics in Practice box on the home screen to go directly to a result list of SWRC items related to that topic.

6 To search SWRC with keywords, begin entering your search terms in the Find field. As you type, matching terms are automatically suggested. When you see your search term appear, click on the term and then click Search.

7 Limit your results to items of a specific source type, such as Quick Lessons, Evidence-Based Care Sheets, and Patient Education handouts by clicking on a checkbox in the Source Type facet.

8 Click an HTML Full Text or PDF Full Text link to read an item.

9 Social Work Reference Center Continuing Education (CE) modules are interactive educational modules that allow social work professionals to satisfy CE requirements online. Each module consists of course material, an interactive review, and a competency test with a certificate of completion. To browse the available Continuing Education modules, click More and select Continuing Education from the drop-down menu.

10 Enter your terms in the Browse field and click the Browse button. Click a Continuing Education topic in the list of topics to view the CE Module.

11 The CINAHL Education window is displayed and you can log in to your existing account or click the pre- register link to create a new account. After logging in, you are taken to the CE Module materials.

12 At any time, click on the Help link to view the complete online Help system. Or visit the EBSCO Support Site at


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