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5 themes of Geography of Ecuador

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1 5 themes of Geography of Ecuador

2 Activity 1 (Location What do I need?: Handout 1, Handout 2, and Worksheet 1 Objective 1: Find absolute location of Quito Ecuador using latitude and longitude. (Record on Worksheet 1) Objective 2: Relative Location of Quito with three reference points (Ex. Most of the U.S. is south of Canada, north of Mexico, and west of the Atlantic Ocean

3 Activity 2 (Place) What will you need? Search for Ecuador Wow! and click on the pdf. Worksheet 2 Objective 1: Examine photos and text in story to determine physical features of Ecuador including climate (5 examples) (Note: Due to landforms, ocean currents, and location compared to the equator, Ecuador has four distinct climate zones.) Objective 2: Examine photos and text in story to determine the human features (Culture) of Ecuador. (4 examples)

4 Activity 3 (Human-Environment Interaction
What will you need? Ecuador Wow!, Handout 1 and Worksheet 3 Objective 1: Examine photographs and texts of story to provide at least 2 examples EACH of how humans have adapted to, modified/changed, and depend on the environment in Ecuador. (Note: your example for one can relate to another, for example you can explain how they depend on certain parts of the environment and how they have changed it to their benefit)

5 Activity 4 (Movement) What do you need?: Ecuador Wow!, Handout 1, Worksheet 4 Objective: Examine the photos and text of Ecuador Wow! to find four examples of how people, goods, and ideas move in and out of Ecuador

6 Activity 5 (Region) What will you need? Handouts 2 and 3, Worksheet 5
Objective 1: Analyze the map of South America to determine what geographic region you think Ecuador would fit in (NO WRONG ANSWER!)

7 Activity 6 (Comparison)
What will you need? Answers on Worksheets 1-5, Worksheet 6 Objective 1: Compare and contrast Kentucky with Ecuador

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