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by Immaculate Odwori May 2015

2 Establishment/Brief KEBS is the National Standards body in Kenya;
Established through “The Standards Act” Cap of the Laws of Kenya; KEBS started its operations on 12th July 1974; Currently responsible to the Ministry of Industrialization and enterprise development Coverage is in seven regions Kenya bureau of standards

3 Vision, Mission & Motto KEBS VISION
To be a global leader in standards based solutions that deliver quality and confidence KEBS MISSION To provide standardization solutions for sustainable development MOTTO Standards for quality life Kenya bureau of standards

4 KEBS Mandate CAP 496 & LNs Standardization Services
Development/harmonization of Standards (Normative) Maintenance of Measurement Standards (Metrology) Technical support multilateral and bilateral trade agreements Conformity Assessment Services Inspection (Import and Export) Quality Assurance and Market Surveillance Product and System Certification Testing and calibration services Training and Education Information Services (Standards and WTO) Kenya bureau of standards

5 Standardization activities cont’d
i)products, processes or services that meet national standards for safety, health and the environment will find it easier to gain local market acceptance & export markets. ii) is a platform especially for the exchange of knowledge relevant for the implementation of new technologies in industry. Harmonization of standards is a critical component in trade facilitation in regional

6 Standardization activities
A standard is a document established by consensus and approved by KEBS for common and repeated use , guidelines, or characteristics for products and services. KEBS has developed over 7000 Kenya standards ,368 EAC harmonized standards and 370 COMESA standards. Food stds are based on CODEX . Standardization plays an important role in enabling the growth of Kenya’s enterprises in several ways:

7 Standardization ,Regional & International trade
trade as it gives the region a competitive edge. Harmonization of standards based on international standards as bench marks has reduced the potential for discrimination. Mutual recognition of partner states quality marks and opening of the markets are mechanisms that have enhanced regional integration. Kenya’s (S-Mark) is the quality mark mutually recognized by the EAC .

8 Standardization ,Regional & International trade
To access international markets, there is a demand for products and firms to be certified. KEBS has several certification marks 1.Product Certification Marks -Standardization Mark -Diamond Mark -Import Standardization Mark -Food fortification Logo

9 Certification marks System Certification Marks
- ISO 9001 Quality Management System -ISO Environmental Management System - ISO Food Safety Management System

10 Enforcement of food safety standards
A process through which a firm is taken through stages of; application of the standards on products up to when certified to use the marks of Quality. Involves, application, visit, inspection , sampling , testing and issuance of permit .It’s undertaken at the manufacturing and market outlets.

11 Enforcement of food safety standards
All food products standards & codes of practice implemented by industry are compulsory standards these include KS EAS 38 :2014- Labeling specification of prepackaged foods and KS EAS 39 : Code of practice in the food and drink manufacturing Industry . KEBS ensures that products in the market comply to the requirements of Kenya standards or approved Standards.

12 Enforcement of food safety standards cont’d
Products are tested for microbiological parameters, chemical contaminants, heavy metals , storage instructions and expiry dates. Implementations of the country legislation Cap 496. Cap 242, Cap 254,help control the potential risks expected. Enforcement aims to ensure fair trade, consumer protection and certification of products through the following activities:

13 Enforcement of standards
Product certification schemes- output is quality marks Assisting industries develop and promote in-plant standardization thru training, seminars , workshops and factory visits .Market surveillance, investigation of consumer complaints and import inspection.

14 Implementation of food safety system standards
The FSMS Stds are voluntary and include: KS ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management System ISO /TS 22002:2009 pt 1 Prerequisite programmes on Food Safety for Food Manufacturing. KS 2573:2015 Kenya Standard —Hygiene requirements in food service establishments and catering operations, First Edition. HACCP system.

15 Challenges and opportunities for improvement
Limited knowledge of HACCP concept in the industry. Failure to access regional and international markets caused by noncompliance to standards and regulations Lack of Kenya standard for some commodities traded in the market e.g. mandazi. Poor uptake of standards by industry - Food labelling std and Food hygiene code .

16 Challenges and opportunities for improvement
Inadequate laboratory testing facilities for verification of systems and products. Counterfeiting of products and unethical behaviour in industry e.g. alcoholic beverage sector OPPORTUNITIES FOR IMPROVEMENT Training of industry in food safety concepts Industry to implement required codes of practice and standards. Development of food standards for products traded in the market.

17 Challenges and opportunities for improvement
Establishment of private laboratories to carry out testing . Establish systems of dealing with counterfeits and unethical behaviours in industry . Conclusion Industry is encouraged to use Standards to facilitate trade, enhance safety , health and protect the environment.

18 Thank you for your attention!!
Website:  Thank you for your attention!! KEBS CONTACTS: on: Head Office: KEBS Centre, Popo Road, off Mombasa Road P.O. Box , Nairobi Tel: ( ) , / Fax: ( ) Cell: /8; /2


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