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Benjamin Chee Chee First Nations Art.

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1 Benjamin Chee Chee First Nations Art

2 Native Canadian Art Artist:
Benjamin Chee Chee was born in 1944 in Temagami Ontario. He is most well known for his simple yet beautiful images of birds, especially the Canada Goose. Despite being a successful artist, he saddly took his own life at the age of 33. Chee Chee had a troubled past and had struggled with alcohol and drug addiction. He will be remembered for his beautful art that expresses a deep connection to nature and the Canadian Goose.

3 Elements of Art Line Shape/Form Texture Value Space Colour






9 Art Inspiration: Benjamin Chee Chee
Think about: Line, Shape, Space, Colour and Simplicity 1. Brainstorming (10 min): In your groups think of an animal that you feel a connection with. It does not have to be Canadian but it should not be a mythical creature. If you are stuck, ask your group members or Mr. Crone for help. Share with your group. 2. Planning (10 min): Fold a piece of scrap paper in half and in half again making four sections on the page. In PENCIL plan your art piece (make at least 4 rough copies trying different things). Think about how you can draw your animal using simple shapes and lines. Think about how to fill the page. Think of 1 or 2 colours that you would like to add to your piece. Write on the back of the paper how you plan to use one element of art. RECESS 3. Creating (20 min): When you have made your plan, bring it up to Mr. Crone and he will give you a good sheet of paper, 1-2 chalk pastels and a sheet of paper to write 4. Reflection (artist’s statement) (5 min): After finishing your art piece, write 2-3 sentences (or more if you want to) on why you chose the animal that you did, the connection you feel with the animal, and what your art represents. 5. GALLERY WALK See Mr. Crone if you are done early

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