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NC Final Exam Implementation Plan 2015 NHCS. Rationale  The schedule is designed to parallel the secure and controlled manner in which end-of-grade assessments.

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1 NC Final Exam Implementation Plan 2015 NHCS

2 Rationale  The schedule is designed to parallel the secure and controlled manner in which end-of-grade assessments are delivered.  All stakeholders are confident that the data will accurately measure student learning.  Quality data for the newly-adopted teacher effectiveness model is collected.

3 Required Common Exams p 4  Math: Math II, Math III, CC Geometry, CC Algebra II, Advanced Functions and Modeling, Discrete, Pre Calculus  Science: Earth/Environmental Science, Physical Science, Chemistry, Physics, Science 4, Science 6, Science 7  English: English/Language Arts I, English/Language Arts III, English/Language Arts IV  Social Studies: World History, Civics and Economics, U.S. History, American History I, American History II, Social Studies 4-8  Occupational Courses: OCS students who are enrolled in courses that trigger an NCFE and are receiving 100% of their instruction from an on-site instructor (face-to-face) must still be administered the NCFE.

4 Common Exam Test Administration Manual  The same manual is used for all assessments. Pages 1-2: Teacher Evaluation Page 3: General Assessment Information Pages 4-5:Eligibility and participation Pages 5-6:  Administration time/testing schedule  Accommodations and Alternate Assessments

5 Common Exam Test Administration Manual  Pages 8-9: Testing Materials NEW: Each test has multiple forms.  Pages 10-11: Calculator Requirements  Pages 11-13: Testing Code of Ethics; Test Administrators and Proctors; Test Security; Student Emergencies; Testing irregularities; Scoring

6 Eligible Students p.5  All students enrolled in courses for which NC Final Exams are required. NCVPS students are NOT required to be assessed UNLESS the student is also being instructed by a member of the school faculty.  Students repeating courses  LEP students LEP students scoring below 4.0 expanding on the reading subtest of the WIDA ACCESS Placement Test AND are in first year in US schools are not eligible to be assessed on English I, III, IV.  Direct LEP teacher to print a report from ELLevations. LEP students must participate in other NC Final Exams.

7 Schedule p.6 Last five days for semester-long courses; last 10 days for year-long courses

8 Accommodations and Alternate Assessments pages 6-7 and APPENDIX E  Students with disabilities, including students only receiving services under Section 504, may receive testing accommodations for the NC Final Exams Students should receive the accommodations they use routinely during their instructional programs and similar classroom assessments  Special print versions are available for order Braille Large Print (LP) One Test Item Per Page Edition (OTIPP)  Requests for special print versions other than Braille, LP, or OTIPP must be submitted on an Accommodation Notification Form  Requests for special print versions must be placed at least 30 days before the test date Alternate Assessments  Not available for the NC Final Exams

9 Accommodations and Alternate Assessments p.6-7 and APPENDIX E NOTE: Review of Accommodations forms are required Accommodations for NCFINALs may still be listed in Goalview as LOCAL assessments. - Local Social Studies; Local Science etc Test administrators who serve in a test administrators role for students with accommodations MUST receive special training for the accommodations prior to test day.

10 Test Formats Multiple Choice (Purple) (pages 7-8) Bubble sheets are traditional

11 Test Formats: Multiple Choice and Constructed Response (blue) (pages 7-8) Bubble sheets have QR Codes

12 Test Materials p.9  Blank paper

13 Testing Code of Ethics and Security p. 11-13 AND APPENDIX G  Eligibility Issues  Accommodations Issues  Security Issues Neither students nor teachers may possess cell phones.  Monitoring Issues  Procedural Issues NOTE: Test training MUST include review of the Testing Code of Ethics

14 Change in Policy: Selecting Test Administrators and Proctors p. 13 Options for NC Final Exam Testing Test admin: Teacher of Record Full time proctor required Roving proctor acceptable Roving proctor (one per 3 close rooms) NOTE: Roving proctors will NOT be used in special accommodations rooms Parents will NOT serve as proctors in accommodations rooms No stadium-type testing permitted

15 Emergencies, Irregularities and Misadministrations pages. 13-14  Emergencies and Breaks  Procedures for Students Who Complete the Test before the Scheduled Testing Time Is Over Collect materials Students may read non-textbooks  Reporting Irregularities – School Test Coordinator must document in OTISS  Misadministrations – retesting is required

16 Courses for which grouping for makeup is NOT allowed Courses that CANNOT Be Combined for Testing (i.e., these courses must test alone) 1.English Language Arts III cannot be grouped 2.Grade 8 Social Studies cannot be grouped 3.U.S. History cannot be grouped 4.Physical Science cannot be grouped 5.Earth/Environmental Science cannot be grouped 6.SCS Algebra II cannot be grouped

17 After Testing (pages 24-26)  Record Students’ Provided and Used Accommodations  The test administrator must use a No. 2 pencil to code questions 1 and 2 in the TO BE COMPLETED BY THE TEST ADMINISTRATOR OR PRINCIPAL’S DESIGNEE AFTER TESTING section on SIDE 1 of each student’s answer sheet: Question 1: The respondent must code the appropriate bubble if the student is currently (1) identified ONLY under Section 504 (i.e., does not have a current IEP) or (2) identified with a transitory impairment. Question 2: If the student was provided an accommodation during this test administration for any reason (i.e., documented in the current IEP, Section 504 Plan, limited English proficiency documentation, or transitory impairment documentation), the appropriate bubble or bubbles must be filled. More than one response may be filled for this question.  Absent for Makeup Test Administration

18 Transcriptions (pages 25-26)  One individual transcribes the student’s responses.  One individual verifies the transcription.  One individual observes the process.  All 3 sign the outside cover of the test book.

19 Reporting The 100-point converted score may NOT be used as the exam score.

20 Test Codes p. 27 and Appendix A

21 Discussion/Questions

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