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31.4 Immunity and Technology

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1 31.4 Immunity and Technology
Set up Cornell Notes on pg. 77 Topic: 31.4 Immunity and Technology Essential Question(s): Under what circumstances might antibiotics NOT be useful in treating a disease caused by a pathogen? Summarize: Write out the steps that your immune system takes when you are vaccinated. 31.4 Immunity and Technology 2.1 Atoms, Ions, and Molecules KEY CONCEPT Living in a clean environment and building immunity help keep a person healthy.

2 KEY CONCEPT Living in a clean environment and building immunity help keep a person healthy.

3 The risk of getting sick increases when there are many people in one area

4 How do we control the spread of disease?
Cleaning supplies Medicines Vaccines Technologies that help to prevent against sickness OR treat people who are sick Pg. 76

5 Many methods are used to control pathogens.
Antibiotics and antiseptics cause pathogens to burst.

6 Antiseptics kill pathogens outside of the body.
do not target specific pathogens examples include vinegar and soap Antibiotics kill pathogens inside the body. target one specific bacterium or fungus not effective against viruses

7 Antibiotics are over used and over prescribed!!!!!
Leads to antibiotic resistance

8 Antibiotic resistance can cause medicines to become ineffective.
Some bacteria develop an immunity to antibiotics. These bacteria spread the gene, making the antibiotics useless.

9 Pg. 76 Antibiotics Vaccines

10 Antibiotics 1m33s Antibiotic Resistance (5m5s)

11 Vaccines also control pathogens and disease. given to prevent illness
contain the antigen of a weakened pathogen (contains the dead, weakened, or inactivated pathogen)

12 Vaccination provides immunity.
stimulates a specific immune response causes memory cells to be produced allows immune system to respond quickly to infection has such a fast response, a person will not get sick

13 Immunity and Vaccination 3m 6s Vaccines and the Treatment of Viruses 3m 27s

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